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Thread: Favorite episode title puns!

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    Red face Favorite episode title puns!

    Clearly most of you have noticed that the English dub of the episodes absolutely LOVES to make puns out of old sayings, song titles, famous quotes, or anything else! Well not so much in the best wishes saga, but until then it was VERY heavily done. So, which ones do you all remember? Try not to just use the easiest ones, instead perhaps were there any you had to really think about, or only learned the meaning of long after you saw the episode? I personally have frequently come across a saying or song or book title in my life that sounds like an aime episode, and laughed about realizing that's where the "weird" name came from!

    Here are the examples I can think of off the top of my head of episode title puns. I don't really feel like finding the exact episode number for each one, hope it's fine.

    "So Near, yet so Farfetch'd!" (Original series)
    "Memories are made of Bliss" (Sinnoh Leauge Victors)
    "Ignorance is Blissey" (Johto Journeys)
    "Turning over a new Bayleef" (Johto Leauge Champions)
    "Piplup, up and Away!" (Galactic Battles)
    "Time-warp Heals all Wounds!" (Battle Frontier)
    "Tricks of the Trade" (Johto Journeys)
    "Exploud and Clear" (Advanced Challenge)
    "Stopped in the Name of Love!" (Galactic Battles)
    "Dawn of a New Era" (Diamand and Pearl)
    "A chip off the old Brock" (Battle Frontier)
    "Pop goes the Sneasel!" (Master Quest)
    "Let it snow, snow, snorunt!" (Advanced Battle)
    "The Bicker the Better!" (Advanced Challenge)
    "Fowl Play" (Johto Journeys)
    "Aipom and Circumstance" (Battle Frontier)
    "Pasta La Vista!" (Battle Frontier)
    "On a Wingull and a Prayer" (Advanced)
    "Having a Wailord of a Time!" (Advanced)
    "A Cacturn for the Worst" (Advanced Challenge)
    "A Corphish out of Water" (Advanced)
    "Going, going, yawn" (Advanced Challenge)
    "I Politoed ya so!" (Master Quest)
    "Tanks a Lot" (Johto Journeys)
    "Machoke, machoke man!" (Johto League Champions)
    "Tag, We're it!" (Diamond and Pearl)
    "Love at First Flight" (Advanced Challenge)
    "That's Just Swellow!" (Advanced Challenge)
    "Shadow of a Drought" (Johto Journeys)
    "As Cold as Pryce" (Master Quest)
    "Grass Hysteria!" (Advanced Challenge)
    "Goin' Apricorn!" (Johto Journeys)
    "Disguise da Limit!" (Advanced Challenge)
    "Hockey Pokeballs!" (Advanced Challenge)

    And believe it or not, there are still a TON more funny and clever puns used for episode titles! So, what other ones do you recall/think were especially funny?
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    "There's no place like Hoenn"

    That one basically wrote itself

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