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Thread: What is your daily routine.

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    Well, this semester...


    Drive for an hour
    Hour break
    Help my friends with Data Structures
    Drive for an hour


    Drive for an hour
    Drive for an hour


    Drive for an hour
    TA Intro to Programming II Lab
    TA general computer science questions
    Watch Rooster Teeth podcast
    Drive for an hour

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    My current routine is as follows...

    Monday to Friday: Wake up 6:30am, get into work (an accountancy firm) by 8am.
    Work until 5pm (or 6:30pm if it's a busy week), get home by 7pm.
    If I have accounting exams approaching (one month in every three) I then study until 10pm, play piano for half an hour and then sleep.
    On other evenings I talk to friends on skype, go online a bit, play more piano, and read history books.
    I try and fit in a few runs a week for exercise too!

    Weekends: Unless there's an exam coming soon, my weekend is my lifeline.
    I travel to either London, Cambridge, Worcestershire, or Holland for the weekend, as this is where my family and friends are.
    I spend my salary on days out/nights out and shopping/eating out.

    This is why I've become almost non-existent on Serebii. xD;

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    This is something that I needed to get out </3

    Monday-Friday.... I go to school, and pretty much torture my ex xD

    Yeah, preeeety much it~
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    Well on a school day:
    Wake up 7:00am
    Get washed dressed etc.
    Eat Breakfast
    Get bus to school
    Go to school
    Come home from school at 5:00pm
    Do some homework
    Eat dinner at 6:00pm
    Finish homework
    Go on here to 11:00 pm while also shiny hunting
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    I graduated in 2007, never found a job and moved ~1000 miles from everyone I grew up with. Plus we're moving again in 2 weeks...

    My schedule, pretty much everyday for the last 3+ years:

    Get out of bed 7AM-12ish (why?)
    Shower & make self presentable
    Spend day playing videogames, on the internet (occasionally putting in applications), exercising and maaaybeee doing some household chores.
    Go back to bed.


    tl;dr: Kill ALL the time!

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    At the moment, I'm on vacation. Meaning. Sitting inside on my computer pretty much 90% of the day
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    I only state the constant.

    Woke up, play Pokemon/DW, Breakfast, Study.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumino Lucario View Post
    Well when its a school day I usually wake up early brush my teeth and take shower, then change into my school outfit and have breakfast. I take the bus all the way from home to school because my school is quite far. When I get to school I chat with my buds and usually play basketball. Then after that I just do what every other student does at school. On weekends I play on my Nintendo 3Ds or X-box 360 and watch TV. Sometimes I go hang out with my friends at the shopping mall and buy some stuff for myself. Then I go home and have dinner and reminisce what I did on my day and build my miniature diorama of the Titanic. Then after that I hit the sack. That's my daily routine so what is yours?
    This sums up all I do, except that I'm on my PC instead of an Xbox.

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    Sleep until noon.
    Wake up.
    Take an adderal (Prescription)
    Continue my job search, though somedays I do it more halfassed.
    Look for roommates on craigslist.
    Go over to my friend Jenny's house, bitch about my life, and watch cartoons.
    Come back home, put up with drunk mother.
    Play video games or play on the internet until I get tired and go to sleep.

    I'm pretty sure this basically means I'm a loser. Eh. The great thing about being a loser is that you can find other groundlings to draw strength from, hahaha.

    Oh college. How I wish I could return to you someday.
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    Weekdays (or, really just schooldays):
    6:30AM - Wake up not like I want to
    6:30AM - 7:10AM - Get dressed, eat, brush my teeth, and head to school
    7:30AM - 2:15PM- School. Bleh.
    2:30PM - Arrive home, if I am not doing an after school activity
    2:30PM - 5:00PM - Watch TV, eat, internet
    5:00PM - Homework (sometimes earlier, but most of the time I start at 5. Should start earlier. :P)
    6:00PM - Dinner
    7:00PM - 8:00PM - Watch TV, internet
    8:30PM - Shower
    9:30PM - Sleep. I probably wouldn't wake up early enough to school if I went to sleep later. D:

    Weekends (or, non school days)
    I wake up at random times. Ranges from 8-10AM.
    Then eat, shower and brush my teeth from 10-11AM
    Eat lunch from 12PM - 1PM
    Hangout with friends sometimes from 1PM - 6PM (approx) or do homework
    Video games and computer most of the time.
    Go to bed usually around midnight or 1AM.

    Yeah, I got pretty lazy with writing the weekend one, but the weekends aren't really routine for me.
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    get up, shower, get dressed, work, interwebs, sleep.

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