This is a revamp of a fan-fiction I partially completed two years ago under the name of NinjaScepSneasel. And boy, did I suck then. Luckily I've improved vastly since then. So here is the first chapter of the revamped story!

Chapter 1 - Mountain Mission

The ancient, crumbling mountain wall crumbled away as rocks flew in all directions. The slabs of stone disturbed the resident pack of Aron, who were resting casually in the cave, their little iron heads slumped next to their holey steel bodies, their tiny little legs sprawled out on the rough floor. As the dust from the disturbance cleared, three mysterious, human figures crawled their way into the cavern, driving through the Aron without a care in the world. The Aron, never once disturbed in their peaceful abode, weren’t happy at the sudden invasion of these peculiar new creatures: who were they to invade their territory! But, unfazed by the quaint growling around her, one of the three, an ugly, under weight woman, grabbed from her bag a strange sphere shaped device that was a new sight to the Aron. And with a flash, a large camel creature had appeared.

The cave roof rose up, and now the three figures were jogging their way through the dark cave, smashing their way through any Aron that dared get in their way. Soon they were at the end of the cave, and another of the new creatures, a muscular man, also withdrew an identical device, summoning another new creature that looked similar to the newcomers. The Aron were certainly getting a good education on species today.

“Hitmonchan!” the new creature cried, smashing the other wall with a flurry of fists. Finally, the Aron boiled over; they had had enough. Their leader, a Lairon, a larger metal creature, roared loudly, and the whole clan were on their feet, ordered to attack the newcomers. But the figures were fast, and were now in another cave on the other side of their destroyed wall, whispering to the camel to do something.

“Camerupt!” it roared, and suddenly a large gush of steaming lava was flung at the unfortunate metal creatures, knocking them all to the side of the cavern.

“Destroy the cave.” the woman snapped to a small, tubby man, who looked rather like a gnome. The Aron would’ve laughed at the appearance of this funny little man, but they never got the chance to enjoy that luxury. A deep rumbling echoed throughout the cave, and gigantic boulders fell onto the Aron as the cave collapsed on itself, the Aron crushed with it.

And so a whole pack of innocent creatures were slaughtered mercilessly by three figures in red.
__________________________________________________ ___________

Ten minutes later, in another tunnel in the mountain, a muscular arm pushed it’s way through the now crumbled entrance to the Aron cave. It was soon followed by another, both desperately forcing their way through the rocks, knocking them back into the fallen cave roof, and revealing the owner of the arms.

The man was grimacing, struggling to wriggle through the catacombs of the mountain, and his dark mop of hair often flopped down over his peculiar olive eyes. Wiping a small trickle of blood from his long nose with one of his bony hands, he tried to dig again, causing dust to fly onto his posh suit. The young man sighed in defeat.

That darn team Magma, he thought to himself as he reached again to pull away more rocks. As he did so, he was careful not to knock the huge shield that was strapped to his back, the weird device stopping him from being crushed. Thank God for Professor Birch’s crazy inventions, came his thought stream. Finally, he managed to wrench away a large rock, and let out a groan as his hands uncovered a dead Aron, crushed under the rocks.

All gruffness gone from his stature, the man desperately tried to feel for a pulse on the creature’s body, which was surprisingly intact, despite the fact that the falling rocks had knocked the life out of it. Failing to find his target, he instantly knew who had caused this. The heartless swine, his mind growled, as he edged backwards a bit, trying to think up a miraculous plan to free himself from his claustrophobic task. Why had he volunteered this wretched mission?

Suddenly, the man’s body writhed as he felt a familiar pain in his lungs. “Not again!” he gasped into the darkness, as the scene around him swirled away...

A friendly, colourful room with a sinister air to it, the man was back as his younger self, cowering in a corner as a middle-aged, balding man strode slowly towards him. Despite the size of the room, it was surprisingly bare, save for a small bed with a pokeball pattern on it.

“Were you stroking the Sneasel?” the man snarled, his voice deep and serious, and the child whimpered, too afraid of what his answer would cause. And so silence remained. “Answer me, son!” the man roared, his dark suit amplifying his light skin. But the father already knew the answer: his question was rhetorical.

The child felt a blinding pain as a hard punch smashed against the side of his skull. “Pokemon are tools, to be used for power and money only! And that particular creature is a rare specimen! Not even that buffoon Oak knows of it’s existence yet! Do you get what I am trying to say? Well?”

“You… you don’t understand…” the child whimpered, quietly, but loud enough so that his father could hear him.

“Do I not? Revic!” came the furious reply, as Revic’s father now resorted to throwing a spare pokeball at his son’s head. Luckily for Revic, his father had never been any good at throwing, although he had certainly had more than enough practise. But his father was not done yet, and now stood towering over his son, leg poised ready to kick…

A soft bleeping noise launched Revic back into reality, halting his horrible daydream. Catching his breath, the young man reached for the source of the bleeping, a small communicator in his suit pocket, and answered it.

“Good afternoon, Revic!” beamed a cheery voice from the other end of the line.

“What are you calling me for, Clane?” Revic’s voice was harsh and gruff, deep and tiresome. In a way, his voice echoed the shouts of his father.

“Whoa there, Mr temper!” the voice chimed back. It was a male voice, but it was also annoyingly squeaky. “I just wanted to check your progress, to see how you’re getting on. That’s what friends do, you know. So, have you reached the centre of the mountain? Have you halted Team Magma’s operation?”

“Well,” Revic sucked air through his teeth. “To be perfectly honest, I haven’t a clue where I am. The morons have destroyed most of the natural caves on this side of the mountain. And what really sickens me is that I’ve just found a dead pokemon in this one. Heartless murderers, the lot of them. How’s Beri doing?”

“Beri?” Clane replied, scanning through his large collection of thoughts and memories. “Oh, the young girl you went in with you. She’s doing swell, she’s pretty much shadowing Team Aqua.”

This news instantly infuriated Revic. He’s been practising this kind of exploration for well over a year, and yet today he was being outclassed by a total novice.

“Well, I’m stuck in a collapsed cave.” Revic growled. This hadn’t been the best of days for him, and his current position wasn’t doing much to lighten his mood.

“Why don’t you just let your Sneasel use dig?” Clane suggested, making Revic sound stupid for not acting upon this idea in the first place.

“Pokemon can’t be made to do our dirty work for us, Clane. You know me well enough to know that’s what I stand by. And besides, there’s barely space to breathe in here, let alone call out a Sneasel.”

“Hang on,” Clane paused, anxiously, the sounds of him scrambling around echoing through the communicator. “The base has detected a large object moving towards you. In this environment, it’s likely to be an Onix.” Revic knew what he had to do; if he didn’t use Sneasel, he’d probably be killed. Sighing as he reached for a lone poke ball, the capsule strapped to his back, he angrily blurted out his favourite catchphrase.


On the other side of the transmission, Clane smiled to himself, the line now dead. In front of him was a scan of the mountain, showing all life forms. It showed groups of pokemon, little dots that clustered together inside the mountain, it was easy to notice Revic and the three team Magma members, and it was plain to see there was clearly no Onix.

“Gets him every time!” the boy smirked.
__________________________________________________ ___________

In the centre of the mountain was a surprisingly light chamber with a thin, stone pillar in the middle. The walls were pristine, untouched in decades. Until, that is, a small section of the wall was smashed into thousands of tiny pieces and the three members of Team Magma strode through.

“We appear to have reached the centre of the mountain, boss.” the muscular man grunted.

“Excellent,” squealed the woman, the leader. “And it looks like our stone is in the middle of the chamber!” With this exclamation, she pointed to the pillar, which had a spherical hole in the centre, containing a glowing stone.

“So, we need this stone to paint it red and trick those people guarding the other stone, right? The stone we need to reawaken Groudon?” the dwarfed member squeaked.

“Why don’t we just bash these people out of the way and just steal the other orb?” the muscular man commented, making it obvious that he was lacking in the brain department.

“Because funnily enough, we’ll attract the attention of the police.” the woman snapped, obviously used to having to put up with these constant, silly suggestions. They’d learnt from the past that the best way to operate was in secret.

“But why this stone?” the man tried asking again.

“Because this is the only other stone in the world that gives of exactly the same aura as the red and blue orbs. And so we need to grab it now before Team Aqua arrive!”

“Looks like you’ve failed the last part then.” commented an old voice, and the three Magma members looked up to see who had spoken. Unfortunately for them, whilst they had been bickering the three Team Aqua members had entered in from the other side. “Give us the stone, if you will.” continued the owner of the voice, an elderly man who looked well over a hundred in features, but who was obviously physically fit. Behind him stood a tall, skinny man with slanted eyes, long pointed ears, an incredibly large nose and a wild grin. He looked almost identical to Waluigi, save for the lack of moustache.

“If you don’t surrender to us, then we’ll have to use Swampert on you!” the Waluigi double exclaimed. But Team Magma weren’t threatened. They were too infuriated to be threatened.

“So you think you have the advantage now, do you?” the ugly team Magma Boss snarled back, before clicking her fingers. Behind them, Hitmonchan leaped into the room, eyeing up the Swampert, a weird looking blue creature with a rudder like tail. “You send in that Swampert and Hitmonchan will destroy you!”

“Stalemate!” cried the third Team Aqua member, a young woman.

“You always spoil our plans.” somebody moaned.

As the two teams broke into a fierce argument, they were completely unaware that they were being watched. Flat against another pillar, one of three in the chamber, Beri stood, silently ear wigging. She was in her mid teens, wearing fashionable clothing. Beri swung her head to the side, flinging the dull, brown hair out of her shining blue eyes. She had always disliked the colour of her hair; she’d always wanted a more exciting hair colour. Despite this, she was quite pretty, for one so young.

And behind the third pillar, Revic watched the girl. That must be Beri, that Unova professor’s daughter. She really doesn’t look suited to this kind of thing. So how has she done so well? Revic paused his thoughts, studying his companion. The pair of them had been called away from an important meeting to perform this task, and so they had not had time to prepare; Beri was clad in a t-shirt and a rather short skirt - hardy the gear for mountain exploration. She’s certainly pretty Revic finished his stream of thoughts as he crept over to her.

Instead of calling to her, Revic grabbed the girl’s mouth, stopping her from crying out it surprise. “It’s me, Revic, your team mate.” he whispered, letting her go.

“You could’ve been gentler!” the girl replied, frustrated but still quiet. Her voice was of a nice high tone. Remembering the situation, Beri composed herself. “They’re just over there.” she pointed.

“I noticed,” Revic snapped, smiling to himself. So far, the girl had shown no particular experience in adventuring, and it lead Revic to believe that it was only due to luck that his partner had done so well. Or at least, that was the consolation he gave himself. “Now’s the time to intervene. Call out your pokemon and follow my lead.”

The two evil teams were now in a full out rage, yelling at each other maniacally. Even their pokemon had joined in. Finally, they stopped and thought logically, and the fight began. Hitmonchan pushed both arms forwards and launched a focus blast towards the mud fish, who quickly retaliated with a mud bomb. Seizing the opportunity, both of the group leaders charged for the stone, and were very surprised when their hand were suddenly frozen in a block of ice. Shocked, the leaders turned to see Revic stood proudly by the pillar, Sneasel confident by his side.

“Well, well, well!” the Magma boss snarled, trying in vain to wrench her hand free. “Somebody got lost on the way to a work do.”

“Says the woman who’s been performing such a melodramatic performance that makes her seem more like an angry Piplup who’s gone and lost his pride.” Revic loved that insult: he had used it several times before on Clane when his friends had been particularly annoying. He wasn’t the slightest bit scared by the presence of the two criminal teams, but Beri certainly was, and so she remained hidden behind her pillar.

“Why don’t you just leave us be and return to your youth club?” the Magma boss replied, annoyed that the ice block was ruining her expensive nail colouring.

“I think not. And shouting about doesn’t make you more important than me! Sneasel!” Revic smiled, and Sneasel nodded, launching a dark pulse attack at the ice block that was holding the two bosses arm’s together, thus catapulting them into the hard wall. Recovering from their initial stunning, the rest of the teams realised what was going on. Hitmonchan dashed up to Sneasel and tried to hit it with a fire punch, but the ice weasel was lightning quick and hit the humanoid with a well aimed brick break, forcing it to the ground. Revic made a dash for the glowing stone, but he was hit be a wall of water that Swampert had summoned, and Revic, Sneasel and Hitmonchan were all smashed against another wall, Hitmonchan landing with a painful crunch. Muttering to himself, the dwarf man called back the now unconscious Hitmonchan and sent out his Camurupt, the fire camel roaring.

Meanwhile, the other members had finally made sense of the situation, and all rushed for the stone. Beri knew she had to do something.

“Oshawott, use water gun!” she screamed, hoping to somehow stop them as he little snowman coloured otter pitifully sprayed a tiny jet of water. However, it was only her scream that actually distracted the criminals, and Revic saw his opportunity. The young man sprinted forwards, succeeding to grab the stone as he watched his Sneasel knock out the Swampert with an ice beam to the face. However, upon finishing the attack, his pokemon slouched back, and Revic knew that his trusty partner was running out of steam.

“Quick, to the exit!” he yelled, making a dash for one of the holes in the cave wall that the teams had made. He was followed in his attempt by Beri, who was carrying her untrained Oshawott, and Sneasel. But then he stopped, cursing under his breath as they were met by the many fallen boulders of a collapsed cave - Team Magma’s path of devastation. Turning back, Revic saw that the two teams were advancing on them, their past feuds temporarily forgotten, and he knew what he had to do.

“Sneasel, ice beam!” he bellowed, and the criminals only had time to gasp in shock before they were all frozen solid. Revic smiled, punching the air with joy, before turning to face his horrified new friend.

“You can’t do that! You just froze people alive, living people! That’s cruel, and wrong!”

“But I just have,” Revic carelessly replied, unfazed by the girls outrage. “We’ve got the stone, that was our aim. We’ve just prevented more people from dying from whatever chaos their legendary pokemon would’ve caused.”

“Legendary pokemon?” Beri questioned.

“That’s what I said. Team Magma act solely to summon Groudon, and likewise with Team Aqua, but for Kyorge. The two pokemon that helped to shape the world, if you believe all of that nonsense. This stone would've undoubtedly been used for the same purpose had it fallen into their hands. Come on.”

“But we can’t just leave them there, that’s cold blooded murder!” Beri sulked, surprised at the cruelty of her comrade. And before Rvice could stop her, Beri had released a Pansear, a small, chirpy red monkey, which thawed them out with a fire attack. Revic was relieved to find the enemy unconscious, scolding his friend, who moaned that she had been doing the right thing.

Revic was overjoyed that he had competed his mission and saved the world from possible chaos. He was excited at the prospect of finally getting out of the claustrophobic, damp, dark mountain core. And then his heart sank as he remembered a crucial fact of the matter.

“How in the name of Arceus are we going to get out of here?”