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Thread: Predictions for the end

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    Default Predictions for the end

    So there are currently 5 gens of pokemon with a 6th on the way. We have 649 pokemon and 348 if you only count full evolutions and ones that can't evolve. Now all good things must sadly come to an end at some point, as I can't really see them making more pokemon games 200 years from now. So when exactly do you think they will stop, at least with making new gens. Note this is not for complaining about the new gens being bad, uncreative, stupid, or anything like that. Please don't talk negatively about the newer gens or say for an example,
    "It hasn't been good since the first" or "All of the older ones are terrible"
    This isn't for raging or being negative just a place to express your idea of what the future of the series holds.

    For example my idea is that after six they will start to make remakes or games that take place in an already used region but with a different story and pokedex. For example the orange islands or an actual Elite Four game. They also could make new regions but use a combination of different gens to make up the pokedex with a formerly limited legendary(lets just say Deoxys, Darkrai, Jirachi, Celebi, etc.) or older legendarys that were not given much background (Heatran, Latias, Latios, Cresselia, or the Regi's.)Or if they feel like still making new gens they could release two or three of these games in between them so they can continue the series.

    So what are your ideas.

    (Note to the Moderators- As someone still fairly new to forums and I would like to apologize if this thread is in the wrong area or is against the forum rules. I understand that being new does not grant immunity to the rules and if this thread goes against any sort of rules I am willing to take any punishment that it may call for. This is simply a topic I have wondered about for I while now and am curious as to what opinions other fans have regarding it.)

    This is all merely hypothetical and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Although you may not agree with someones given opinion please respect it and do not negatively comment on it. It's not like these answers will actually decide the fate of the series as the whole.
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