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One of the unique aspects about Pokemon as an RPG is that it adds over 100 new playable characters every generation. I may be wrong in saying this, but I don't think there has been an RPG yet that has 649 playable characters.

Now think about an RPG with over 2,000 playable characters. That could potentially get overwhelming for younger players, who happen to be the target audience of Pokemon. We saw in Black and White that only the 5th generation Pokemon were available until after beating the E4 which could act as a way of regulating how many Pokemon get introduced to younger players and also keep the series "fresh" (which actually turned me off from the series until BW2).

My point is that if Gamefreak and Nintendo continue creating new generations of Pokemon, it has the potential to get to the point of overabundance (either for game coding, for the sake of younger players, for the interest of ENOUGH older players, etc.).

When I was 9, I only had to worry about catching 151 Pokemon. If new generations continue to be made, a kid 20 years from now might have to worry about catching 2,500 Pokemon. And yes, I am aware that players are not required to complete the Pokedex, but it is incentivised nonetheless. Even having to see 2,000+ Pokemon would be ridiculous.

But as long as I still love Pokemon, I don't mind if they keep going indefinitely.
That is the double edged sword for pokemon. So many characters add so much depth to the game. But, at the same time they may overburden people if they add too many. I'm sure pokemon will continue for a long time, and GF will find a solution to this conundrum. It's interesting to see how they will tackle it.
I'm pretty sure that pokemon will extend way after my life is over.