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    Default How would you bring up the games?

    I edited the post a bit, and will ask you to remember two things in this discussion:
    1. This isn't about my own opinions. If you agree or disagree, that is greta, but please contribute your own as well.
    2. This isn't a hate thread. I love pokemon and I am a fan of all generations (4th was weaker though), I just think each of us would have done things differently because we have subjective liked and dislikes.

    I love the pokemon franchise, but it is a flawed one, as nothing as perfect. I think every one of us fans has an idea of "how I would have done it" running in the back or our minds. So, how would you bring up the pokemon game up until now? I will give my own ideas as an example:

    1. Not releasing so many pokemon in each generation. Gen 2 was the first generation to bring us new pokemon outside the original 151, and it added only 100 new ones, with every new gen adding more and more. I would make each new gen introduce around 50 new ones, not more. The world would seem more in focus to me, and only the very best of designs will make the final cut. Quality over quantity. This doesn't mean that the original 151 are better though; if the Unova pokemon were the first batch I would still think introducing all of Kanto at once is too much.

    2. Make Gen 1 claim the original 151 pokemons are the only ones in the region rather than the world. It makes things seem a bit dumb in retrospect. Even if you don't have a sequel in mind, make the possible consequences make sense. "Oh, look at all these species we never noticed before!"

    3. No trade-evolutions. None of my friends like pokemon, so a kid I could never had Gengar, Alakazam or Mechamp. In a world-building sort of way, it makes no sense. Also, I think it is especially annoying when back then the point was to "catch them all" whilst you needed external assistance to achieve that. Wi-fi has solved it, partly, but still.

    4. No crazy evolution trees and method. Pokemon are creature of nature, they should be able to evolve by themselves, or maybe if they happen to come across a stone. Let it be natural. Eevee gets a pass in my eyes because it is a concept, though.

    5. Leave old pokemon alone. If you didn't think of Magmortar back in gen 1 or 2, please leave Magmar alone. I do like the likes of Porygon-Z and Gliscor, but I think it shouldn't have been done this way.

    6. No power creep. I am not talking competitively about this one, I just don't like how older pokemon are left behind with poorer stats. You don't need such over-the-top stats to mix things up- you have abilities, you have type combinations and many more options.

    7. Balance the types. You did it with psychic because it was too strong, but other are too weak. It isn't fair that some types have very few weaknesses and are very effective against other while other have the opposite schema.

    8. Focus on the world you are creating rather than gimmicks. Instead of things like the dream world or others that are not naturally in-game-world, I would like to see more innovations in game (but not contests, because the hell with contest). Minigames, new challenges, new ideas for areas, etc. Focus on the world. This isn't to say the dream world shouldn't exist, just that the focus should stay on the in-game world.

    9. Stop making NPCs use protect / detect. They don't have a strategy in mind, so they are only postponing the inevitable in a very annoying manner. If they have Toxic and such, that's fine, but if not they are just making the battle needlessly longer.

    10. No Stealth Rock, or any other type-associated entry hazard. If your entry hazard can erase half of the pokemon's HP in an instance, something is wrong with it. Spikes and T-Spikes are fine, and more "equal" entry hazard are very welcome, but I think the subjective-typed ones are unwise.

    11. Less legendries. Legendaries make 7.24% of the pokedex. Ghost type pokemon make 4.16% and ice type make 4.78%. This is kind of absurd- even dragon or steel types are less common than legendaries. They are supposed to be special and, well, legendary, so keep them that way.

    12. No location event pokemon. You don't let everyone a chance to obtain such pokemon, so please simply don't do them. Wi-fi events are much more fair because everyone has a chance, but if a player doesn't live in the "right" country it is simply a bit upsetting.

    These are, of course, subjective ideas. I may be right or wrong, but they are still my opinions.
    So, what are yours?
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