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Thread: trubbish and garbordor like or not?

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    Not favorites, but I have no issue with them, never have one with a Pokemon. I find them interesting though. I have no issue with what they are based on, I don't put limitations to a franchise, if they want to use trash and make it something, they can do so, and it's not like Pokemon has ever showed limitations before in the first place(Which it would appear not everyone seems to be aware of).

    I like them.
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    In the beginning I really hated him and rather saw it as an trash pokemon (lol)
    But after some analysis of the pokemon, this pokemon is quite excellent.. especially in gen 5 roaming with Fighting moves,
    He is meant to be bulky, but for an bulky pokemon he is pretty quick with an base attack of 90 was it not? Well for me thats pretty high for an waller/staller pokemon.

    I am going to MM it actually now, because stat-wise he will be an great add for my team.

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    Hey guys I came up with an apt saying for this situation.
    Any man's trash could become Sugimori's Cash ! ( get it, Sugimori made a trash pokemon design and he gets paid for it ? )
    (Please don't make fun of me for this)

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    I don't like them. It's not that they're unoriginal or something like that. Just that they're garbage pokemon. Same reason why I don't like Grimer and Muk I guess. I just find them disgusting.

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    When I first saw the artwork, I disliked them. I still don't really like Garbordor (the design still looks off to me) but I love Trubbish (maybe because he was portrayed as cute in the anime?) and I'm planning on adding it to my Black 2 team (giving it an everstone so it never evolves)
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    I'm not a huge fan of them, but I don't consider them unoriginal or anything. Pokemon are practically made into anything these days so I would expect even the strangest of things to be made into a Pokemon.

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    No sir, I don't like 'em. To be honest, Garbodor is probably my least favorite Pokemon design of all time, or at least in 5th Gen. For me, it just looks too derpy to be passable as even a silly design. As a side note, I legitimately HATED Garbodor's voice acting in the American dub.

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