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Thread: Is MangaQuestShipping (GoldxCrystal) starting to bud?

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    Default Is MangaQuestShipping (GoldxCrystal) starting to bud?

    From what I noticed out of the recent HGSS chapter, it is maybe starting to look like Gold and Crystal are starting to realize their romantic feelings (or at least develop a crush that may have been nonexistent in the past). Back in the GSC chapter, it appeared that Gold thought Crys was annoying while Crys thought Gold was immature (a sure sign of secret crushes between 11-year olds!). It looked like it continued that way in Emerald. But in HGSS, now that Gold and Crystal are older and at the age where teens typically start dating, the signs seem like they are more explicit (or at least on Crys's side). Crys was definitely sensitive to how Gold would think when he saw her in the new outfit. If Gold was someone Crys wouldn't care about, then an intelligent girl like her wouldn't care what he thinks (especially given that he's still goofy and immature, the kind of guy that girls like Crys would ignore under normal circumstances). But seeing as Crys was actually freaking out, that should definitely be a sign that there's romantic tension on Crys's part. As for Gold, he seems to have ceased on the flirting with every creature with XX chromosomes by HGSS. The only instance where I saw him do his usual thing with girls was with the Kimono girls and even then I don't remember him straight-out flirting. Perhaps, in his mind he is hoping that Crys will be more attracted to him if he ceases with the flirting? MangaQuestShipping is one of my favorite ships but in my mind, I am hoping that it won't be straight-out confirmed like FranticShipping was and be one of those that drop hint bombs all over but never be confirmed like SpecialShipping (my most favorite ship). If a shipping is confirmed with no questions, then that takes the fun out of shipping!

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    I would love it if that happened. As you said, she seemed more sensitive about Gold's reaction to her new outfit than say Silver's or anyone else's, really. I think Kasuka could drop some more hints, and not make it too obvious, but easy enough for the readers to tell. I love this ship too, and the ones you mentioned, and I think it would be great if they got more development as a potential couple.

    Speaking of their relationship in the past (GSC, Emerald), you make a good point. They definitely seem much more mature now, which would make this ship more realistic if they started to show feelings of love, or a crush, for each other.
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