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    Quote Originally Posted by Zachmac View Post
    Smogon would like to have a word with you.

    I'm not much of a LC person, put it seems Solosis can pull of a mini-Reuniclus trick room set rather well, and get away with a power boosting nature better, making it hit even harder. It seems to have much better HP and defense as well.
    This still doesn't change the fact that Abra is also more versatile and still largely outclasses Solosis. Abra is also harder to trap with Sucker Punch or Pursuit than Solosis is, and Abra has the naturally high speed while Solosis has to waste a turn setting it up, in the mean time the Dark type counters such as Murkrow, Houndour, Stunky, etc switch in and can kill off Solosis with Sucker Punch (Stunky doing very well as Solosis' best option is HP Fighting, which doesn't do too much damage.) Abra has the advantage of having Protect on several of its sets so it doesn't have to worry so much about a Pursuit/Sucker Punch guessing game, and can also Dual Screen and Encore (Encore leaving Sucker Punch users helpless as Abra switches out). I'm sure KT can explain it better since he plays the tier a lot more frequently, but this is what I can garner from the info I have at hand lol

    Also, I'd trust KT on this, he plays LC pretty much more than anyone. Though I don't doubt that Solosis has a certain niche to fill, I agree with KT that Abra outclasses Solosis as any sort of sweeper.
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