Let's take a big step back to tha past & into tha late 90's . Good times good times, my how things have changed XD. Yes, let us get back on topic. I remember the Pokemon craze goin' around in school (I was in 5th grade during that time) always askin' those who talked to me "What is this Pokemon?"

Well surely enough it was explained & I figured if a lotof people my age had liked it, then I would as well. I decide to go buy Pokemon Blue that week & when I got home, I put it in my Game Boy Pocket & My Pokemon Journey had begun.

I forgot to mention that I had seen an episode of tha anime before playin' tha game, so not seeing Team Rocket on there kind of shocked me during that time. Though it didn't matter to me tha game was so awesome & tha music had kept me entertained even to this day I still listen to Pokemon game music on Youtube

I remember too (my friend who was 1 grade above me explained what to do) & for that as well got me into tha Pokemon craze lol. I was like "Woah, not only do you just battle Pokemon & gain experience but one of your goals is to capture all tha Pokemon!?" so tha whole concept of catchin' Pokemon stood out to me.

I remember too that i had thought Gary (Yes, Blue calm down) was like bad guy as in Team Rocket bad guy lol XD. i guess it was because he was such a jerk you thought he would turn out evil (well for me anyways lol)

I also found it interesting too during that time (still do) that in order to proceed to other towns you have to beat the Gym Leader/Boss to get to tha next area or to use an HM.

& how could ANYone not forget that godly champion battle & his music!? & tha whole thing leading up to it "Yes!!! I beat Tha Elite Four/Tha Game" "Go on challenge tha champion Me:"Wait... What.......?" Me:"It's Gary (during that time a lot didnt know tha difference btw Red & Blue)

Jeez, so many memories i figured i would ask & would love to know others experiences on tha 1st 3 gens as those have a special place in my heart although 3rd & 4th remain my favorites & a close tie btw 2nd & 4th actually lol