Dexter Glass- Day I
Vitality Points: 100
Psyche Points: 93
Condition: Worried

“How do you know?” shouted Mandy, “how do you have any ******* clue what I’m afraid of? Son of a…” She rocked violently against the chair trying to get it to release her. Not too logical, but she was to angry to care, “Let me out of here! I didn’t sign any consent form to be electrocuted! I know my rights!”

Dexter facepalmed. He couldn't bear to see the result of this. To be honest, no one was really surprised by what followed, but it was disturbing.

Who didn't see this coming?

Mandy recieved an even more painful electruction and slightly more amounts of damage. This did unnerve everyone, confirming they are now in the hands of an intelligent psycho.

Mandy Brook suffered electric torture again
-2 Vitality Points
-8 Psyche Points

Everyone realized they were now in the hands of someone mad.

Everyone (including Mandy) suffered painful realization.
-2 Psyche Points

Another note popped out.

"Fun fact: Did you know that repreated electrocution can cause certain problems such as involuntarying urinating?

Third time's the charm."

The blank bottom, showing that she could avoid this, taunted her.