Mandy Brook - Day I
Vitality Points: 97
Psyche Points: 56
Condition: Worrywart, -2 Psyche Point every post (5 posts)

There was aloud buzz and Dexter was stabbed again. He tried to reassure Mandy that he was okay, "Augh, am all right," but she could still hear the pained noises he was making. What had she done? No, even if she did nothing the psychopath would probably still stab him. Still she had typed it in, “I’m sorry.”

A new problem appeared on the screen:
Now for more math fun!
x * 0 = ∞
Solve and show your work!

“What?” cried Mandy, “No, no, no… How can that even work? Zero times anything is zero, then zero is infinity… but infinity to large to be counted… and zero is too small. It’s not possible… it’s not. It’s not possible. This isn’t fair.” A crazed tone broke though her cries, “Maybe it’s another trick. Yes, that’s it, it’s another trick! Zero times zero is the same as zero-zero.”

She turned to the tablet:
0 * 0 = 0
0 * 0 = 00