Meanwhile: with Benedict and Jordon

"Congrats! You win this!"

This was on a note on two boxes which lowered to the ground on a small parachute. They were apparently Comforting Chocolates. Two boxes of chocolates. Apparently, it was their favorite flavor since he spied them sampling them by alot.

Comforting Chocolates
A special treat that is your favorite flavor! Perfect to comfort yourselves after a nasty incident.
Heals 5 Psyche Points.

After they leave, the next door they find is with a comforter and a futon. On he back of the door, it said Rest Room. Sounded like a good place to sleep and get better. There was also restroom with the basics.

Meanwhile: with Veronica and Allison

An hourglass with black sand was noticed near the pad. They were almost of time. Tick tock..

tick tock...

They felt the gaze even more apparent and the statues became more omninous looking.

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