Allison Green - Day 1
Vitality Points: 95
Psyche Points: 68
Condition: Hungry

Allison opened her eyes wearily. She only had vague memories of how she’d even gotten to the rest room, considering her little breakdown after the torture from yesterday.

Sitting up, she held a hand to her throat and took a deep breath. The torture had certainly taken it’s toll. Now to add to her list of fears were drowning and suffocating. She wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to go anywhere without fear of hurting her throat again.

The little trinket around her neck finished its soothing little melody and went silent, and Allison smiled slightly.

A remote controlled cart came in, loaded with breakfast foods and a mysterious box. She decided she did not want to touch it. She didn’t want any more silly business after yesterday.

As far as food went, she was famished. Normally she wasn’t incredibly hungry in the morning, but she did get the sense knocked out of her the night before.

She took a plate of French toast and a glass of milk, pleasantly surprised that is was one of her favorite breakfasts. Something simple. Something that she could make if she didn’t have to go to work early in the morning.

She looked across at Veronica, who was still asleep. Considering how much effort she’d put into the cracking the code the day before, she should at least have a little more sleep. She deserved it, for getting them the Emerald Key, apparently guaranteeing everyone’s safety. She wasn’t sure she trusted the challenge master, but she supposed that was to be expected, considering all the things that they had done.