Jacques the Cranidos
Wishcatcher Forest

Upon his question, an Oshawott approached Jacques and surprisingly enough, his answer was exactly according to Jacques's theory. So they were the same passengers who were with him on the S.S.Christine after all. However, the reason why they ended up becoming pokemon, and wounded up here in Wishcatcher forest was still a mystery for him. "I'm no different from you" He told the Oshawott. "And if my theory is correct, them too no doubt... Some how, we have became pokemon."

As he turned to what was left of the unfortunate ship, Jacques could spot a Magnemite disappeared into one of the ship's side entrance, and a Chikorita followed suit. It might be a good ideal to do so, but could also be quite risky, he deemed, as he tried to calculate the percentage of risk in his head. When it came down to this however, he realized he had no choice but to take his risk and venture in there. Maybe he could find something that would trigger his past's memory, something that could explain all of these bizarre events happening to him and others.

"Are you coming, uhm.... Oshawott ?" He lifted his head and gesture toward the entrance that was entered by the Magnemite and Chikorita. Jacques turned his heels and marched toward the ship, without waiting for an answer. His question was merely out of formality, as he has decided to go whether someone would come with or not. After all, he was used to doing everything by himself for most of his life until now.