Aaron the Sandshrew
S.S. Christine

After go knows how long, Aaron finally saw a light in the darkness. He fealt warm, and it fealt like his problems and fears were washed away. He opened his eyes. He was stil in the ship, surrounded by Eevee, Joltik, Chikorita and Oshawott. They all looked so worried, except from Chikorita, who was glowing in a pink, sparkly light. Feeling much better, Aaron sat himself up. "Thanks! Really!" He cried out. "Don't know how much more of tha water I could take. Speaking of which..." He continued, looking down on the puddle he sat in. "I should probably move." He then said, and started laughing.

"So that means, we can use moves! That's awesome!" he blabbed about, not really knowing if anyone paid attention. The scratching sounds and eyes then returned a bit in front of them. "You won't get away this time!" Aaron shouted into the darkness, as his claws grew longer and started glowing in a dim purple light. He ran foreward, releasing his Night Slash into the darkness