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Thread: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Journey Into the Frontier [RP Thread]

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    Lucas the Oshawott
    S.S. Christine Clearing

    Knowing that they were likely gonna have a fight on their hands, Lucas set the scarf and picture aside where he hoped they wouldn't be damaged.

    The Magnemite told anyone who knew ranged attacks to prepare for when whatever was chasing them made it out of the ship. When the pursuer was revealed to be a Patrat the Magnemite started laughing which made Lucas feel a little embarrassed.

    When the rest of the Patrat and a Watchog appeared, Lucas backed up for a moment in fear of them. Knowing that he was gonna have to fight now he wondered what kind of attacks he could use.

    That's when Lucas remembered his scalchop could be used for certain moves, so he took the scalchop off his stomach and focused, hoping something might happen.

    Soon Lucas noticed the scalchop glowing a sort of white colored aura. Right as this happened, Lucas noticed one of the Patrat move in the attack him.

    As the Patrat charged at Lucas he quickly swung his scalchop at the Patrat in a panic. As he did this however a series a white blades fired out of the scalchop and struck the Patrat, sending it stumbling away from him.

    Hoping to take advantage of the opening Lucas charged at the Patrat for a Tackle attack, but closed his eyes while doing so. The Patrat took advantage of this and sidestepped Lucas' attack.

    When the Patrat dodged his attack Lucas stumbled over and fell on his front. While on the ground, Lucas rolled onto his back and was about to get up when the Patrat jumped on top of him.

    "G-Get off of me!" Lucas cried out as he tried to get the Patrat off of him, but the Patrat had pinned his arms to the ground and was standing over him in a way that it couldn't be kicked off, rendering Lucas completely helpless.

    During his futile struggles Lucas noticed the Patrat baring its fangs at him prompting Lucas to cry out for help as his captor reached down to bite him.
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    Aaron the Sandshrew
    S.S. Christine Clearing

    After a while of running away from the evil that chased them, Aaron and the others, plus some Pokemon he hadn't met before, found themselves at the clearing. They braced themselves for an attack, as the eyes came closer. the scratching sound were everywhere! Tension rose, as a figure merged from the darkness. it was... Patrat? a small flock of Patrat? seriously? and they were backed up by.... Watchog? Really? "That's what we've been running from?"

    Everyone started attacking the Patrats, as they attacked them first. Aaron was a little ashamed of himself, being scared nearly to death by mere Patrats. He did recall something about them being able to use the move Hypnosis. That would explain everything, he thought to himself. a Patrat came running over to him with its tiny feet. Aaron couldn't keep a straight face, and giggled as it approached. He thyen readied his Night Slash, slashing the Patrat with his purple glowing claws

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