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    Default Simple digital drawing tutorial

    Hi guys ^^

    I want to show you guys a step-by-step guide I made of how I draw very simple pokemon, for all digital artist out there u v u I will be drawing my character, a fashionista Cranidos ~

    This is a very simple tutorial for beginners, so I only do cell shade style in the most basic way !

    Tools used: SAI Paint tool (but you can use same technique in other programs which has layers, just with a bit difference)
    Time elasped: 47 minutes

    1. basic sketching

    Put down some basic sketch in block shape and make what looks like a Cranidos ! This will be use for guidance later. Be wild with your sketch ! It should loosely resemble what your final work will look like.
    - Tips: Use basic block shape for such as circle, rectangles, triangles... for this step

    2. detail sketching

    Lower the basic sketch layer's opacity for easier view. Add a new layer on top of it and start sketching on the basic sketch layer. Adjust until it looks fine to you, because this will be guidance for your lineart ! Deleted the basic sketch layer after you are done.
    - Tips: Make a clean and neat sketch this time, because it will be easier for you to make lineart on it

    3. lining

    Lower the final sketch layer's opacity and add a new layer. Use a soft brush in dark color to make soft and smooth line. Draw your lineart with various brush size, or go back and use eraser tool to smoothen it out, That way it will look softer and make the picture more dimensional ! After you are done, delete the sketch layer.
    - Tips: Make your canvas very big, 2 or 3 times as big as you want the drawing to be. Why ? Because even if your lineart may be sketchy and messy, when you resize it the drawing will look quite nice ! Also don't ever use plain black for the lines, use some color softer such as dark brown or even a dark shade of blue ! As long as it isn't black.

    4. basic coloring

    Fill in with blocks of colors ! You may use magic wand tool and bucket tool to color, or just simply use a brush and fill in like a coloring book. DO NOT COLOR ON THE LINEART LAYER !!! You make layers under the linart layer, and start coloring.
    - Tips: Each color belong in separated layer (i.e blue in one layer, grey in one layer) so it will be easier for you to color and shade later on.

    5. basic shading

    Lay down some dark shading on your color layers ! Be sensible with this and put down the shade acording to what you think the lights won't hit. In here I use the cell-shade technique, so no bluring, smudging or blending here, just use the same brush you use to color to put down the shade.
    - Tips: Don't just use darker colors of your primary colors, mix it with another shade of colors (i.e in here I mixed the colors with shades of blues because I want to use blue as the main shade of the object)

    6. detail shading

    Pick another colors darker than your previous shades, and brush it on with the same brush. Same rules apply as basic shading, be sensible with it.
    - Tips: In here I only use 2 shades because it's just a simple drawing, but it depends on you how many shades you want to use ! The more shade the more pretty I think, but only if you know how to use them properly...

    7. highlight shading

    Pick a lighter colors of the primary colors, and start brushing them on for highlight shading. Same rules apply as above.
    - Tips: Don't go overboard with this, it may look overly shiny/bright.

    8. Final adjustment

    Adjust the colors to your liking ~ In here you can see I changed the color of the lineart to blue and make it lighter/darker in a few places. I also adjusted the color to make it more glossy/blue-ish, kind of like color wash.
    - Tips: Use the Hue Saturation adjustment and Brightness Contrast adjustment. Just play around with it to see which you like best.

    And it's done !

    I hope you guys find it helpful u v u I'm not a professional, but I do have experience with digital drawing and I thought I would share with you guys. Forgive me if I forget or got something wrong Q 7 Q If you have any question don't hesitate to ask ! And mod please stickie this u v u

    And to members, I would love to see your feedback or even drawing using this tutorial so post them all here ! Also I'm currently taking request/suggestion to draw simple pokemon as demonstration, you can ask for it through PM/VM me. I cannot guarantee your request will be done, but if it would I will post it here ^^
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