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Thread: fantasy hopes and expectations for X and Y

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    Default fantasy hopes and expectations for X and Y

    soo.. heres my personal hopes for x and y

    id like to see some new weather. why not, weather adds huge twists to the game

    Sun Shower: Abilities and non-attacking moves that require both Sunlight and Rain will take effect

    *of course that 'non attacking moves', could just be moves. that would prevent stall teams i suppose.. which i feel are the most superior right now sadly.

    Fog: Raises Evasion of Dark-type Pokemon.

    i cant really think of any other weather conditions.. i suppose mist, but really theres either rain, or severe lack of rain.. everything else is just areas in between or around in.. anyone else got anything else?

    Normal/Ghost as someone who loves mono teams, a Normal/Ghost would be sweet. normal is weak to fighting, ghost is immune, ghost is weak to ghost, normal is immune. its only weakness would be Dark, which now that we have Fog, would really make Dark shine this gen.

    more offensive, less defensive..
    OU used to have tyranitar, now it has hippos,, breloom is out and amoonguss is in. heatron and staryu are the strongest offensive anymore.. these teams are becoming more and more common, and looking at ladder tops, youd be inclined to try one too.. i feel this is largely due to sand and rain getting neutered. swift swim, excadrill, garchomp, etc
    the prospect of these teams being the dominating type in the pokemon metagame is just.. saddening.. the idea of the best teams being.. stalling till they eventually all die from entry hazards is enough to turn me off to battling =/.
    this being sad more offensive choices please!

    some decent rock moves. rock pokemon own, too bad they dont have any moves.. i cant think of a single good rock move, can anyone else?

    last and most importantly for the actual ds game: and i cannot stress this enough, LET THERE ACTUALLY BE A POINT IN PLAYING THE GAME.. everyone has to turn to hackmons, and who can blame them, you cant actually get the good pokemon in game.. im looking at you dream world.. im waiting for the day pokemon makes you fill out online surveys to unlock features. i want to be able to get my bestfriend, and between the two of us, get all the non-legendary pokemon, this includes their hidden moves/abilities..

    these are my fantasy expectations in see in X and Y.

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    wrong section me thinks. Would be more appropriate in the Pokemon X+Y discussion section where most of the topics you mentioned are currently being discussed.

    Also i know this is contradictory of me but have you heard of stone edge, rock polish or rock slide in double battles.
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    ORAS? I'm excited


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bla7kCaT View Post

    some decent rock moves. rock pokemon own, too bad they dont have any moves.. i cant think of a single good rock move, can anyone else?
    Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Rock Polish, STEALTH ROCK

    And we have a subforum for X/Y, if you want to post more about X/Y speculation/discussion, you can post in one of the threads there instead

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