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Thread: Would you use a masterball for a shiny or legendary

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    I definitely like to use them for legendaries because it saves a lot of time and hassle in trying to catch them. I've had too many times where the legendary just ended up killing itself with struggle to not masterball it. I solved the one masterball per game problem by just catching a different legendary each time with the masterball. I'm planning to use it next for the legendary dogs whenever I restart HeartGold or SoulSilver (which I won't do until I obtain spiritomb, because I'm on the final Pokewalker route right now on HeartGold, but I rarely get the chance to take 9000 steps, so I may wait till BW2). The masterballs will come in handy with the Unova legendaries as I go along. It certainly helped me get all the Sinnoh legendaries by restarting Diamond and Pearl to get more masterballs.

    As for shinies, I'd rather take my chance with pokeballs.
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    A legend... simply because I have no found a shiny >_> Would use the masterball on a roaming legend. <.>
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    I generally end up not using the Master Ball at all. It's not that I'm saving it for a shiny specifically, though I would probably use it on a teleporter or an exploder. It's just that there's only one, so I've got to save it, y'know?

    When I have used it, it's been on whichever legendary was the biggest pain in the butt to catch otherwise.

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    I'm saying this now, I've never lost a shiny Pokémon, and even in a last cut h situation I'd never use the wretched thing in my games to catch a shiny, I'd rather lose the shiny due to Struggle, Confusion recoil, Self-Destruct, Explosion, or Run away, I have my dignity and that master ball would ruin everything, I always trash my master balls

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    no. if I trow all my pokéballs so I only have left my master ball... than yes.
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