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1) Naughty Nature
2) A Chansey Operation
3) Weedle can't be caught in the wild in Yellow Version, you need to trade for it.
4) 10
5) Okuni

1) Mewtwo
2) Red
3) True
4) Dugtrio
5) Energy Ball

Fist of the Double Quiz! Do I have these right?
"A true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved."

For your sets of correctly concluded answers, you receive this Moon Ball and this Moon Ball.

Thank you, come again.

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I'd like to hand in this Blue Shard for a riddle, thank you!
A strange code puts three Pokemon in a line. If we had started with Bulbasaur this is what we'd get: "Bulbasaur, Caterpie, Voltorb"
If we had started with Pikachu this is what we'd get: "Pikachu, Ho-oh, Dewott"
But if we had started with Sandslash, we'd get: "Sandslash, Ralts, ERROR"
Based on the above information, what would have been the missing Pokemon be in "Psyduck, ???, Luxray"?