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    Not every Pokémon is ready for battle, and not every trainer is ready to send their Pokémon into battle.

    If you have at least one of these dilemmas, you've come to the right place! Here at Daycare, Pokémon are given proper treatment over the course of one week that helps increase their levels.

    - Pokémon may only be dropped off on Mondays. You may only drop off a max of two (2) Pokémon each week.
    - When dropping off your Pokémon, you must post their current level(s). Also, if you give them a nickname, please list their species. If we do not know what Pokémon it is, it will not be taken into Daycare.
    - A Pokémon in Daycare must stay for the entire week. They cannot be taken out early for any reason.
    - If you wish to put your Pokémon back into Daycare, repost with their new levels being sure to quote your confirmation post when dropping them back off again.

    - Super Passes or Double Daycare Passes must be used on the first Monday after obtaining them. Otherwise they will be NULL and VOID.
    - Post a link to where you got the pass when using it.
    - Passes will allow your Pokémon to level up twice after only one week of Daycare.
    - Passes may be "stacked", ie you may use more than one at a time, but only to a maximum of five in any one week.
    - Passes are NOT tradeable.
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