Hello everyone as you may have noticed I am new here. Growing up I have always been into pokemon. I still even have my old gameboy color with red version in it sitting in my nightstand drawer. But anyways I felt like starting a thread where we can all share stories of our first shiny (wether you caught it, lost it, or was shown by a lucky friend). My first and only shiny was encountered one day while I was casually traversing Rusturf Tunnel. When the normal battle sequence took place I simply rolled my eyes, I knew what pokemon it would be before I even saw it slide into the frame from stage left... or so I though. To my suprise this little scared-looking bunny shimered and glimmered when I saw it. It's ears were tipped green instead of yellow. I was dumbfounded, I blinked multiple times to make sure I wasn't hallucinating over sleep lost trying to catch rayquaza. When I got myself together I decided to just see if I could catch it normally. I tossed an ultra ball expertly as I always do (I swear my character could have been in the big leagues, he never missed a pokemon when throwing a ball). I watched the ball shake and it was all over. I quickly dashed to the pokecenter to check the PC. To my delight the coloration was still strange. I excitedly trained it and the moment of its evolution was an unsettling one. I had no Idea if it would still be a strange color. I froze at first.... my new loudred looked normal. Then I realized it was purple. long story short I evolved it again and it was barely noticable that is was shiny. I was dissapoint and lost it in the mix of pokemon games that came afterwards. Looking back I wish I kept it a Whismur and kept track of it for sentimental value.