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Thread: Where can I purchase Firered/ Leafgreen?!

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    There are places like thift markets. if you frequent salvation army i've seen copies there, but it is rare (plus they wanted you to buy the gameboy it was in with it). FIND A RETRO GAME STORE!!! is the best advice i can give. We have mind games, game play and game quest in michigan.
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    I highly recommend getting on in person rather than online for obvious reasons.
    Gamestop has stopped taking in GBA games, and there are no more being sold at all in my city (maybe there are a few straggling ones left in yours, but I highly doubt Pokemon games would be left).
    Does your town have any other local video game stores? I'd say that's your best bet. Not only do they have a better chance of having one, but they should test it to make sure it works before it gets put up for sale.

    If there's not one there, I'd do what other people suggested earlier by checking craigslist and asking on media sites like facebook. Maybe you have friends who have no interest in their games anymore. You could get them for cheap! ^^

    If all else fails, try searching online. I'd suggest looking up how to know whether a game is a bootleg or not. If it's a place like ebay, a personal picture of the actual game rather than a stock photo is almost a must. And again like others have said, be sure and read the seller's ratings before you buy it.

    Happy searching c:
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    You might want to look at a Gamestop.
    They rarely have a LGFR or a game like that.

    You could also ask a friend.
    I've found that some friends have a old pokemon gba game stashed somewhere in their room.

    Oooor... look on Ebay.
    It'll be really hard to find a reasonable one though
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    Best place I can tell you to go is Amazon, that's where I got my emerald and firered
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperDaikenki View Post
    Best place I can tell you to go is Amazon, that's where I got my emerald and firered
    And as the last two pages of the thread tell us, the only facet of Amazon that has the games available at this point is just as liable to have you end up with bad merchandise as is eBay.

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