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    Quote Originally Posted by PopPrincess_Lyra View Post
    Shipping Name: BeautifulSoul Shipping
    Member 1's User Name: PopPrincess_Lyra
    Member 2's User Name: Meowth City
    Member 1's Color: Aqua
    Member 2's Color: Red

    Description of Ship and Ship name (Please don't make this one sentence!): This is a friendship thing before I start. The name came from Jesse McCartney's song coz Meowcy and I love that song, so we decided to have that as our shippy name since Electric Soul was nothing like us. Plus we love music :3 I have no idea how she and I became pals, but I do know that she's a random person to talk with, not to mention we sometimes make room to talk about boobs HAHAHA *gets shot* >.> Anyway, I think that's it, nya~

    XDD That was funny in the end. I'll add yours as soon as I can, if you'd like to edit your ship name/color or if you have any questions, please PM me. ^_^

    EDIT: +Added!

    Quote Originally Posted by HoennDreamer View Post
    I'd like to pair myself up with cybercubed, i know he wants it.
    Hello there! Just make sure you and CyberCubed agree on the shipping name. PM me if you have any questions/concerns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Savanny
    This place is deader than my pets I have buried in the backyard...

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