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Thread: ♡ SPPF Shipping Member x Member Thread - Version IX ♡

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    Shipping Name: GirlishCharmShipping
    Member 1's User Name: Auaria~
    Member 2's User Name: Doodlebug
    Member 1's Color: purple
    Member 2's Color: blue

    Description of Ship and Ship name (Please don't make this one sentence!): (Please note this is a best friend ship) Doodlebug and I have been good friends for quite some time now. At first we didn't exactly like each other for various reasons, but over time we started to really bond. Now she's one of the people I really trust on here, and I talk to her about everything. Our shipping is 'GirlishCharmShipping' because we're both charming girls, if you were wondering.
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