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    Default Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Club

    Good evening, I am Cobali; also known as several other names by my bio, and welcome to the

    This is the club for the game series animes/t.v. shows and comics of the Sonic the Hedgehog. For, as, Sonic is cool, and now we can talk about him and the adorable chao! These are the rules, You better follow them, or else Dr. Eggman will come crashing at you with all his mighty robot armies... and Shadow.

    "This is nonsense! You will obey me! Or there will be dire consequences!"-Eggman
    1.No faker if your not a fan, why join?
    2.No one liner or spams!
    3.Dont put down our fans because they like a character you dont like.
    4.Dont talk about how much you hate a game.
    5.Please post dont bother joining if your not going to post.
    6.Stay on topic please.
    7.All sppf rules apply here.
    8.No sexual or illegal drug references.
    9.Don’t make anyone feel awful by insulting etc.

    "You fake Hedgehog"-Sonic

        Spoiler:- Strike List:

    Charater of the month:

    Sliver thehedgehog

    Quote:"To kill someone to save the world...Is that really the right thing to do?"
    Desc:Silver the Hedgehog is an anthropomorphic silver-colored hedgehog from the future.He was orginal going to be called Venice the Mink.In the comic he is currently hunting down the traitor as a secret freedom fighter .

    Desc of charater

    "I'll take it from here!" - Shadow
    Current comic issues
    sonic the hedgehog#244
    Sonic universe#47

    "Let's do it!"-sonic

    Favorites Charater:
    Why you like Sonic:
    Whats the first zone in the original game:

        Spoiler:- Members~:

    Me and Mew661 are the owners, mew.... is the Co-Owner/owner as he takes care of the Character of the week... and quotes.
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    Credit to Jolts on Flight Rising (Lightning FTW)

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