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Game Freak never seems to Pokémon with hardcore competition in mind. Whether it's good or not on a blood soaked battlefield always seems to be mere coincidence. Though, with the evolutions in generation 4 and the Dream World in generation 5, it's clear proof that they know some of the old guys need a boost.
They also seem to be shifting more from the "make everything well rounded" frame of mind to a more "let's make this good at this, and that good at that."

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I'm not so sure about the abilities, considering things like Vital Spirit for Delibird and Overcoat on practically anything that's capable of having it (You'd think they could at least give it to something that isn't already immune to one of the weather types)...

Sableye and Quagsire are probably some of the best examples of Pokemon that went from horrible to amazing thanks to their DW abilities, and it's a pity they couldn't follow the same line of logic for all of the mediocre Pokemon.
Gamefreak still likes to troll. But yes, a lot of older Pokemon were revitalized by new abilities, like Sableye, Nidoking/Queen, Blaziken, and Venusaur.