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Thread: Easter Egg Thread

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    Lightbulb Easter Egg Thread

    Time to seek out those delicious nuggets of chocolatate scattered around our favourite video games new and old. The rules are simple; you share yours, we'll share ours. Videos and/or images are okay if the mods say so.

    Speaking of the mods, just curious, would you consider sticking this thread if it gains enough popularity?
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    Theres a couple of easter eggs in skyrim i remember

    In a cave with frost trolls theres a skeleton hanging on the ceiling with a sword that has a blue tint below it. Its a reference to the empire strikes back when luke is attacked by the wampas

    the other is when you first go past a bridge near falkreath(?) two goats can be seen running over the bridge. a third goat comees from under bridge. Under the bridge there is a dead troll. a reference to the story of the three billy goats

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    Some I've heard of from Doom 3

    -the hidden id room in the last level of the regular campaign. Pressing a hidden switch with the id logo will open a secret room with a PDA with various thank you messages
    -the hidden Rage room in the last level of the Lost Mission campaign. Pressing the hidden logo will open a small room with some supplies
    -when trying to use console commands to enter a cheat from Doom 1 or 2, the computer will say something like 'good memory'
    -if you score 25000 points in the Super Turkey Puncher arcade game, you'll get an email talking about how your parents must be proud for raising a shining example of humanity and, as a result of spending so much time punching turkeys, your leave has been reduced by 2 weeks

    In Doom 1, there's a Nine Inch Nails logo hidden in the first level of the fourth episode. Hitting a certain switch will lower a pillar revealing the logo. It's more apparent when viewing the area with the automap.

    In the final level of Doom 2, the final boss appears to be a giant face on the wall with an exposed 'brain'. However, if you use the noclip cheat you can walk through the wall to find a human head on a stick, that head being the head of John Romero, one of the game's main developers. Furthermore, when you enter the level, you hear a voice saying some gibberish. When played backward, it says something like 'I am John Romero, you must kill me to win'. This is in fact the case, as you must shoot rockets through the 'brain' (really just a textured wall things can pass through) to hit the aforementioned head.

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    In Skyrim, during the quest "House of Horrors" when you first try to escape the Abandoned House with Vigilant Tyranus, and Molg Bal is speaking to you, there are a few chairs towards the back corner in the first room. The chairs are stacked in such a fashion that mimics a scene from The Poltergeist.
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