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Don't let battles like those stop you from playing...
It really is the game... somtimes the luck is leaning a bit to your opponents and sometimes it's leaning toward you. The thing is you just shouldn't let it get in the way of playing more games, and enjoying the game. I mean, I started the tournament in the 1400s because of freeze and flinches, but I managed to get back what I've lost. I'm at around 1650 right now.

But... I really want to hit atleast 1850 by the end of this tournament.

Oh, and I had a pretty good battle against someone from South Korea. He was ranked >1700, and took the loss, so I'm assuming he is a pretty great player. Anyway, I'll try to compile a bunch of my battle videos :3
i used a thunderbolt on a suicune and it didn't do even a quater of health and also i was 4-2 up and lost againts a kingdra and seismitoad with a torterra snorlax-knows thunder, latias -knows thunder and regice who knew blizzard and thunder bluddeh kingdras