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I am not doing well, hahah. I really should have play tested this team a bit more before running with it. But for a team with huge flaws, it's doing alright I guess. Maybe I just suck haha!

But I'm definitely doing badly because of things like poor predictions, poor leads, poor partners etc. I don't know, I usually don't play this badly. I'm definitely still having fun though; losing just sucks. xP But it's a pretty cool experience. I'm excited to keep going, and ride this tourney out. (:

Not this time around. It was definitely a fun experience, but time tables do not sync up as nicely as I'd wish, me being in Japan, and the rest of my cast being on both sides of America (meaning they are in different time zones) or Canada. But we will eventually do it again, though when and for what I'm not 100% sure yet. I'm glad you enjoyed it though!

Anyways, let's get a bit of talking going.

Are any of you guys doing anything while playing in the tournament?

Personally, I've been having a few Pokemon-based podcasts running in the background, particularly the Lava Pool as they are a VGC-based show as well, which can help get my brain stimulated.

I'm currently just letting Fall Out Boy play in the background though. It's been a while, and I really feel like music right now vs. people talking.

So what are you guys doing?
Not currently, talking to a close friend of mine who lives in America, we both work together in proving Smogon wrong with Pokemon and tactics that down. If things continue down this road, I might try a new tactic. Also, I'm fighting someone with nothing but Pseudo-Legendaries, including a Shiny Garchomp. Why the hell did he give Tyranitar Thunderbolt and Hydreigon Outrage? Even his Garchomp is using what would be better on Hydreigon. Dragon Pulse.