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Thread: Operation Rainfall Ends With Success

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crawley007 View Post
    I think most people agree The Last Story is inferior to Xenoblade but it was still a pretty good game.
    Yes, because 9/10 "It's okay" scores definitely mean a lot.

    Quote Originally Posted by sceptile33 View Post
    God save those souls for actually trying to make their voices heard instead of simply *****ing and complaining on internet forums!
    I'll make my voice heard when they decide to not release a game that actually matters outside of its home country. You don't see me starting huge whining campaigns to get Idolm@ster brought outside of Japan, do you?

    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverFlame View Post
    They're all second party games, so Nintendo definitely played a part in their development. Xenoblade and Pokemon, for example, are related to Nintendo in the same way, if that puts things into perspective.
    Your point is? Starfy didn't come out in the west until the 4th game, and nobody seemed to care before SSBB. Same with Fire Emblem before Melee.

    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverFlame View Post
    I don't think it's childish for people to want actual games for a console that they paid money for. Besides, if there was no such thing as region locking this wouldn't have happened in the first place. And since they're all second party games it was Nintendo's responsibility to localize them (Xseed had a time and a half getting The Last Story).
    No, it would be Nintendo's right to localize them. They had no obligation to bring them to the US, no more than From Software was required to bring Metal Wolf Chaos to the Xbox, or Level-5 was required to bring the DS version of Ni No Kuni to the west, nor for Nintendo themselves to bring Shin Monshou no Nazo out outside of Japan.

    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverFlame View Post
    Literally everyone who's played it considered it to be better than Final Fantasy XIII, Square Enix's flagship JRPG this gen.
    Pfft. Like that's an accomplishment.
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