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Thread: My Pokemon on Emerald

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    Cool My Pokemon on Emerald

    Wandering around:
    Spider-Man (Ariados)
    Psycron (Gardevoir)
    Foodin (Alakazam)
    Egg (Will be an Abra)

    Battle ready:
    Alakazam Lv. 100
    Aerodactyl Lv. 100
    Tyranitar Lv. 100
    Pauku (Blastoise) Lv. 51
    Throttler (Machamp) Lv. 100
    Fiery Man2 (Charizard) Lv. 100

    Going for Serious PWNage:

    Ho-Oh Lv 100
    Moltres Lv. 100
    Fiery Man (Charizard) Lv. 100
    Lugia Lv. 100
    Subterron (Tyranitar) Lv. 100
    Guerilla (Sceptile) Lv. 100
    Fireshaker (Groudon) Lv. 100
    Aggron Lv. 100
    Blaziken Lv. 100
    Ice-Titan (Articuna) Lv. 100
    Aggron Lv. 100
    MetalCutta (Scizor) Lv. 100
    Houndoom: Lv. 100
    Psy-Clone (Mewtwo) Lv. 70
    Mindstorm (Mewtwo) Lv. 100
    Rayquaza Lv. 100
    Rayquaza Lv. 76
    Latios Lv. 100
    Dragonite Lv. 100

    If you want the moves for them, you'll have to review.

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    I think this is the proper place for this. Read the rules first from now on though.

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