Well here's my team so far... I need help deciding what to get as the final member and their future moves.
I am about to take on Clay's gym.

Sevine lv. 29 Adamant Nature (56 Atk, 44 Sp Atk
Hold item: Miracle Seed/Big Root
Leaf Tornado
Mega Drain
Leech Seed

Magnemite lv. 29 Bold Nature (60 sp atk, 29 atk) sturdy
Hold Item: Everstone (I'm going to evolve him after lv 32)
Volt Switch
Mirror Shot
Spark (going to replace with electro ball?)
Metal Sound

Growlithe lv. 30 Mild Nature flash-fire 58 Atk 53 Sp Atk 36 Def 37 Sp Def (help on the defense he seems to not take hits too well...)
Hold Item: Charcoal
Fire Fang
Take Down
Reversal (want to teach him extreme speed or retaliate and flamethrower? when/before? he evolves) I have a fire stone already

Scraggy lv. 31 Timid Nature Moxie 49 Atk
Hold Item: Scope Lens
Brick Break
Hi Jump Kick
Chip Away

Axew lv. 25 Hardy Nature Mold Breaker (bred by someone and traded to me at lv 1) 49 Atk, 21 Sp. Atk
Hold Item: Exp Share (for now)
Dragon Pulse
Giga Impact
Dragon Claw