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since there by the ocean having a lot of water types makes sense. they probably have to go save people/pokemon lost at sea.
So why not a few from the new dex? What's so wrong with a Golduck/Azumarill/Starmie or Pelipper appearing here?

If his team was:
- Watchog
- Frillish/Jellicent
- Dewott
- Golduck
- Pelipper

It would've been far more appealing then: Watchog, Frillish, Frillish, Dewott

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N is following Ash and Co in the charizard episode so he will probably become Staring member after the Braviary rescue!

Just a usual filler ep maybe a new move for a Poke and possible Palpi release if it starts dig into being part of the rescue squad!
Haven't even thought of that! xD It can use mud bomb to put out fires and create Sludge Wave to create work!