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Thread: Question on Pokemon and Childhood

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    Pokémon is the reason I got into anime and video games, essentially. Well... actually, I played the Nintendo 64 a lot a good few years before Pokémon came to America, but it pretty much set it in stone that I would like anime and video games, especially Nintendo. I also never had a GameBoy before, so that was my first change of console for me. And I love hand-held consoles, they're rather convenient.

    As for when it comes to the anime, I actually developed my art style directly from Pokémon to use as a foundation for when I practiced my drawing skills, and I also practiced my singing and memory when it came to the 2.B.A. Master album (which was my mom's, but I played it a lot on my own Walkman). So in a way, Pokémon was there as support for me in developing a few of my talents. Even in writing, though that wasn't until after I discovered Serebii late in junior high.

    Another thing I like to hold in high regard is knowing I was part of the Pokémon craze, along with many other '90s kids. I find that really awesome how a whole generation of children made an impact in pop culture when it came to an anime series and video game, and that it got media recognition for it. Cruddy pop stars and book series, and their screaming tween fan-girls aside, that hadn't exactly happened before (unless there was something in the '80s). How is that not awesome?

    So there you go.
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    I feel like a latecomer because I am 14 and have only played Diamond/Pearl onwards (and I already feel sort of nostalgic about those.) But one of my earliest memories is watching the anime, lol.

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    I guess Red and Blue weren't your first games! But that's okay! I have nostalgia memories too on older Pokémon games (even Gen III "Sniff")!

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    Probably it's because certain people think they can't enjoy certain things anymore when "grown-up". I honestly don't feel there's an age on pokémon, I myself still enjoy it A LOT and I'm 21 years old nowadays :P

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    I agree. My first game was Sapphire followed by LeafGreen and I have no nostalgia for either. I do see Pokemon as a large part of my childhood though. Mainly because of the following Pearl which I actually have more nostalgia over possibly due to me losing it along with my first level 100 Pokemon, first shiny, and the only game that I have beat the champion well over ten times. Even then I don't get too sentimental over it, I only let myself think of it as probably one of my best experiences with Pokemon. Anyway I only have Platinum now so the only way for me to really judge Sinnoh with my older mind is from playing that and not Pearl so I don't even think I can properly judge my most nostalgic game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carboncopy View Post
    This question has been bugging me for sometime. It's kinda long so just stick with me.
    Anyway, until I started using forums and stuff, I actually never thought people associated Pokémon with their childhood. Now don't get me wrong. I have fond memories of me playing r/s and fr/lg when I was small but, I have those same fond memories of me playing gen 4 and even bw ( not yet bw2, haven't finished it yet ). But, I was surprised when people would say stuff like 'O god pallet town *sniff* memories'. It was almost like they were sad that they lost their childhood or something. I never felt like that.

    So, why do people associate Pokémon with their lost childhood ?
    Do you think that I'm weird or something fr not feeling this way ? Or Maybe I'm just not the nostalgic type ?

    This might be a weird question, but, it's been bugging me for sometime and I would like to hear your opinion on this.
    Well based on what you said, it may just be that you haven't been with the series long enough yet. For people who have been with Pokemon since the VERY beginning, it's easy to feel a little nostalgic when thinking of your first game, especially if you started when you were young. I'm not very old either, but I've been a fan since I was REALLY young, and my first game was Gold. I can get a little teary eyed too when I think back to it. Give it some time and you may come to feel the same way... Or you may not. Perhaps you're just not a particularly nostalgic person and the current games are more than satisfying for you. Either way, I don't think there's anything wrong with how you feel now versus the teary eyed vets.
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    Nostalgia has more to do with yourself than with the games. I mean, I started playing those games since I was VERY young (like three years old, I barely knew what I was doing! My cousin was the one who explained everything to me...), and I couldn't pinpoint why they were so important to me until recently. And when I realized why they were so impotant, that's when I started feeling nostalgic about them. Maybe that is just for me, but when I play/hear music from Pokémon Red, I start remembering how those games impacted my life. I start remembering how I would play those games when bad things happened. I would remember how much fun those games proportionated to me. I start remembering being happier than I needed to when my Pokémon evolved. And, in my head, I see the younger version of me "evolving" (pun intended) to be the guy I am today. That's what nostalgia means for me. For an example, I watched some cartoons when I was younger that I don't feel the least nostalgic about. I think that may be because they didn't have to me the same importance they had to other people. But that's just how I see it...
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