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    Default Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Legend of the 10 Scrolls

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Legend of the Ten Scrolls

    Hello. This time I think I put this in the right place hopefully. I Think that is why it was closed in the other forum. I decided to write my own Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Legend of the Ten Scrolls. I thought it was best sharing it with all of you. No mean comments please. So far, I’m planning on making a trilogy of my own mystery dungeon reading series. I’m also planning on making another pokemon series called Pokemon: Experimentations. I decided to make this series comedic while the Experimentations I will be doing is more dramatic, bloodier and scarier. Also to warn you there will be some blood in some parts of this too (but it’s not like you’re actually going to see it), but no cursing of course because it’s against the forum rules. Here are the plot and characters (please don’t be mad at what you’re about to read. It would kind of hurt my feelings a bit). So I felt like sharing it with you guys.

    My Pokemon: Experimentation series can be read here:

    Plot/Prologue- Legends say that the Ten scrolls will lead you to a beautiful island with a temple full of mysterious and valuable treasure. To get each scroll, there are 4 gems you need to unlock each scroll. 6 heroes will take this challenge and become the first ones to succeed.
    Pichu- The main protagonist. Pichu doesn’t remember who he is or where he came from except one thing. He was once a human. In order to remember again, Pichu must go on the quest to get the 10 scrolls and unlock the temple on the island and remembering about his past.
    Tepig- He finds Pichu unconscious covered in sand on a beach. Likes to eat, make food, exploring and find lots of treasure.
    Snivy- Wants to be better and cooler than everyone else. Afraid of heights. Like to get into trouble, get into a lot of fights and stealing things.
    Oshawott- The only girl pokemon in the group. She is smart and sometimes thinks the other pokemon in the group act stupid. Likes to be in charge, observing things and being intelligent.
    Pidove- The scardy cat of the group. Gets scared of even things that aren’t even scary at all. Wants to become the most bravest pokemon. Likes to fly.
    Axew- The youngest and the crybaby of the group. Cries when he gets hurt all the time. Likes to play games and being a copy cat.

    Chapter 1: The Journey Begins.
    “Huh? What… Where am I? What is this place? It… looks like… like a beach. I see… water. Man I’m thirsty” said the pokemon. He looked into his reflection.
    “What? Hold on. This can’t be… this… no… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I’M A POKEMON. I’M A HUMAN, NOT A POKEMON! WHAT IS GOING ON?” he shouted. He started to run. Suddenly he tripped on a little rock and knocked himself out against a bigger one.
    “Hello? Hello? Anybody there? Oh… You’re awake” said a talking pig with red skin.
    “WHAT? OH MY GOSH YOU’RE TALKING” shouted the pokemon.
    “Uh… yeah… we all do…” said the pig.
    “No… NO!”said the other pokemon all over the place. “WHAT AM I DOING HERE? WHY AM I HERE? WHO ARE YOU… Who… am I?” he said.
    “Whoa whoa whoa. Calm down. I’m not going to hurt you!” said the talking pig. The other pokemon calmed down.
    “Hi. My name is Tepig” said the talking pig. “Hi, nice to meet you”. He said.
    “Well hello uhh… Tepig… My name is uhh. I don’t remember…”
    “Well you are a Pichu, so I’ll call you Pichu” said Tepig.
    “Pichu… That sounds like a nice name” Pichu said. Then Pichu’s stomach growled.
    “Oh… Hungry?” said Tepig. “You know come to think of it, I’m kinda hungry myself” he said. “I made some delicious food. But I left it near our home with our Leader. Mewtwo. Let’s go come with me” he said. So they walked to a big house full of lots of pokemon. “We’re here” Tepig said.
    “You know. I was a human once…” said Pichu.
    “Human?” I’ve never seen a Human before, but I’ve heard of them” Tepig said. “So you have memory loss? Don’t worry. We’ll find out a way to get your memories back.
    “Alright” said Pichu.
    “Who is this pokemon you have brought here?” said the leader, Mewtwo.
    “ Oh. This is Pichu. He’s a little shy right now. He doesn’t remember anything. Also, were hungry and so I came to get my food”.
    “Here” said Mewtwo and handed him the food.
    “Here you go” Said Tepig and gave Pichu a big fruit looking food. He was watching tepig eat his fruit really fast. Then Pichu took a bite of his fruit.
    “Hey” Pichu said. “This taste really good”.
    “Thanks” said Tepig.
    “Would you guys like to go exploring and fine something for me?” said Mewtwo.
    “Oh yes. I love finding treasure and exploring!” shouted Tepig.
    “Well you 2 aren’t the only ones going” Mewtoo said.
    “We’re not?” Said Tepig.
    “Nope. Say hello to your teammates on all of your mystery dunging” said Mewtwo.

    End of Chapter 1. How do you like it so far? Hope this isn't against the rules.

    Chapter 2: Search for the 1st Gem
    Pichu and Tepig were greeting their teammates.
    “What’s up?” said one of them. “My name is Snivy” he said.
    “Hello Snivy” said both Pichu and Tepig.
    “Uhh… Um… well… hello. I’m Pidove” said another teammate.
    “Hello Pidove” Said both Pichu and Tepig.
    “Hi there. My name is Axew!” said the other one.
    “Hello” said Pichu and Tepig.
    “Oops. Hi” The others said this time.
    “These will be you partners” said Mewtwo. “Let your journey begin” he said. He gave them a map. “This is where the 1st gem is.
    “Look. It’s in that cave just up north of here” said Tepig. “Alright. Let’s go”. They go outside.
    "We have to keep going in this trail" said Tepig. After following that trail for a long time, they found the large cave.
    "So this is it?" asked Snivy?
    "I believe so' said Oshawott. They went in the cave.
    “Oh… it’s dark here” said Pidove. “Oh… where’s Axew? He’s gone…”
    “BOO!” Shouted Axew.
    “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” cried Pidove.
    “Axew! That was not funny!” shouted Oshawott.
    “Oh… sorry…” said Axew. Then a bunch of Zubats came and they started running.
    “Hey I see something glowing. It must be the gem” said Pichu.
    “Let’s go and steal it” said Snivy. Then the Zubats started surrounding them.
    “Um Snivy. Perhaps that was the wrong thing to say” said Tepig. End of Chapter 2.
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