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That tourney would still have to go about eleven rounds for all of Ash's pokemon to be shown.. I mean the guy has a lot to go with...
Kanto: 8
Johto: 6
Hoenn: 5
Sinnoh: 6
Unova: 9

That's 34 pokemon.. If you just take out all the ones that really need a showing, you'd get a lopsided feel as well..
Kanto: 2 - It's been a long time since the 'Gang of four', but Kingler and Muk need the battles the most.
Johto: 3 - Totodile, Bayleef and Quilava need a battle, in Quilava's case on that isn't skipped.
Hoenn: 1.5 - Glalie. Corphish might be included as it didn't get to fight in Sinnoh, but it doesn't really need it, but the others certainly don't.
Sinnoh: 2.5 - Torterra, Gible and Gliscor sort off.. Gliscor and Gible fought and won, but were not treated that well and can get development, over using Infernape again.

That brings it down to 10 additional pokemon.. Which is a lot more agreeable, but then people would complain about the 'bigguns' not showing up, like Snorlax, Sceptile, Infernape, and Heracross... And to the Genthreeurs: Swellow and Corphish.. In any case, this would result in 20 pokemon, counting Unova, and 21 counting Charizard... Which would mean 7 rounds still.. Which is by far too much..

Lets just make an absolute minimum:
- Unova+Pikachu = 10
- Charizard, Kingler and Muk from Kanto = 13
- Bayleef and Totodile from Johto = 15
- Glalie from Hoenn = 16
- Torterra from Sinnoh = 17

Round 1: Glalie, Torterra and Totodile all take a win
Round 2: Bayleef, Kingler and Pignite takes a fall to let the team win
Round 3: Muk, Krookodile and Unfezant, and Krookodile takes a fall!
Round 4: Charizard, Pikachu, and Oshawott all win together

Oooh, but if it's like the PWT, then you wouldn't you need to enter six pokemon? That would solve the problem!

I don't care, make a massive tournament!!! HAAHAHA