So, I'm playing Soul Silver, I loved Silver as a kid, and Soul Silver has been a joy to play through.

Anyway. I was approaching the 8th and final gym. My team at this point was

Typlosion 38
Apharos 38
Red Gyarados 33
Furret 30
Umbreon 29
Hoothoot 15

I was a little underleveled to be fighting Dragons, but Gyarados was making good work.

Finally, I got to Clair. I knocked down all 3 pokemon with ease for the most part, but then she sent out her Kingdra. I knew this pokemon was going to be a nightmare.

He quickly makes quick work of 4 my pokemon. She's already used her full restores, so theres no chance she will auto heal.

Umbreon is sent out to be a sacrifice while I heal Gyarados. All of the sudden, Kingdra decides to spam Smokescreen, over and over and over and over. I figured I would spam Sand-Attack and lower it's accuracy as well. We both spam it until both of us have no more accuracy, and Kingdra is STILL spamming me, I decided to use Tail Whip to lower it's defenses for my Gyarados.

I lowered it's defenses all of the way, and then Kingdra starts using Struggle. It barely hurt my Umbreon, and by the time it died, Kingdra was in the red.

I sent out Gyarados, I was sure it was going to Full Restore, but NO! It used another struggle, which barely hurt my Gyarados, and it killed itself.

I had won. I literally flew up out of my chair and praised the Pokemon Gods.

By far the most awesome luck streak I have ever had. I made an account here just to tell you all this story