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Thread: I just had the most insane, stupidest luck ever in a Pokemon game.

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    Default I just had the most insane, stupidest luck ever in a Pokemon game.

    So, I'm playing Soul Silver, I loved Silver as a kid, and Soul Silver has been a joy to play through.

    Anyway. I was approaching the 8th and final gym. My team at this point was

    Typlosion 38
    Apharos 38
    Red Gyarados 33
    Furret 30
    Umbreon 29
    Hoothoot 15

    I was a little underleveled to be fighting Dragons, but Gyarados was making good work.

    Finally, I got to Clair. I knocked down all 3 pokemon with ease for the most part, but then she sent out her Kingdra. I knew this pokemon was going to be a nightmare.

    He quickly makes quick work of 4 my pokemon. She's already used her full restores, so theres no chance she will auto heal.

    Umbreon is sent out to be a sacrifice while I heal Gyarados. All of the sudden, Kingdra decides to spam Smokescreen, over and over and over and over. I figured I would spam Sand-Attack and lower it's accuracy as well. We both spam it until both of us have no more accuracy, and Kingdra is STILL spamming me, I decided to use Tail Whip to lower it's defenses for my Gyarados.

    I lowered it's defenses all of the way, and then Kingdra starts using Struggle. It barely hurt my Umbreon, and by the time it died, Kingdra was in the red.

    I sent out Gyarados, I was sure it was going to Full Restore, but NO! It used another struggle, which barely hurt my Gyarados, and it killed itself.

    I had won. I literally flew up out of my chair and praised the Pokemon Gods.

    By far the most awesome luck streak I have ever had. I made an account here just to tell you all this story

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    Knowing how to stall =/= luck.


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    It's not so much luck as not knowing that you are using a simple strategy, no offence intended, I have no strategy when playing pokemon games XD

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    I want to thank both of you for permanently turning me off of this site. There is no reason to respond the way both of you did. The 2nd poster was alright, but would it honestly kill for a "that's awesome man!" or a "good job"

    There's simply no reason to talk down to people like that. I hope not all Serebii members act like you. I am sorry everyone else, this seemed like a really cool website.

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    His comment wasn't very nice but not all of us are like that. Just the arrogant people here. Don't let some random mean guy get to you.

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    Nice luck you got there, since I think you're pretty much underleveled. I prefer to have all members of my team be at least level 45 before I challenge Clair.

    Still, a luck story from a single member doesn't need its own thread

    Next time, you can try this thread instead if you got another lucky moment while playing HG/SS

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