so yeah that article on daily mtg was sweet, but imo the guy that wrote the article ruined the deck completely by turning it into a bant monstrosity. here's my take on the deck.

creatures (16)
[4] delver of secrets
[3] geist of saint traft
[4] quirion dryad
[4] snapcaster mage
[1] talrand, sky summoner

other spells (20)
[4] hands of binding
[1] mystic genesis
[1] runechanter's pike
[4] simic charm
[4] spell rupture
[4] thought scour
[3] unsummon

land (23)
[4] breeding pool
[1] forest
[2] glacial fortress
[3] hallowed fountain
[4] hinterland harbor
[2] island
[2] moorland haunt
[2] sunpetal grove
[3] temple garden

rough sideboard
[1] dispel
[2] essence scatter
[2] negate
[1] runechanter's pike
[1] talrand, sky summoner

a few of the numbers could do with a tweak during testing; i don't know if i'll want a full set of hands of binding / thought scour, and whether spell rupture is playable at all. same goes for mystic genesis. the mana base is also a complete guess but 5 u/w and 5 g/w sources should be plenty to cast geists and have moorland haunt active is my guess.