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Of course I know that Mewtwo can fly with psychic powers. But that is exactly the reason for this armor:

It would not make any sense for sird to travel to unova just to trap mewtwo in an ugly sheet metal armor without any restraining powers. Psychic powers have to be sealed!
And she could not fight mewtwo with darkrai because it's to risky. It could have petrified her as well. And all her other pokemon are to weak for mewtwo, obviously.
Trap him in this armor could be the best way for her to finally get rid off mewtwo.

Dunno about the telepathy part. Would sound stupid if I say that this is sealed as well, right^^'? I just don't think it will work everywhere for everyone on the planet.
But if it work than can we at least be sure that mewtwo already knows that petrified dex owners are save. I am sure he tried to contact them.

As I said, this theory is crazy. I know that^^ But it still would makes sense for me. Sorry if i bother anyone.
I thought Sird released Darkrai? Or did I have my facts jumbled up?

I wonder if Mewtwo knows the dex owners are saved. They've been un-petrified for what? 2 years or somethigm?