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    Default Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Ivory: The Sacred Relics

    Hello there everybody, this is SuperDaikenki. I'm here to introduce my fic, PMD Ivory the Sacred Relics. This was originally posted on fanfiction, but I decided to move it to Serebii so more people can read it. I have nothing to say, so let tes story begin!

    Mystic: SuperDaikenki does not own pokémon.
    Chapter 1: What is that scream!?
    Two small figures are running through a forest as fast as their legs can take them. They appeared to be chased by three other figures flying above them. A large figure in the middle with two smaller figures beside it.

    "Come on!" Said the first figure that is running, the voice revealed as a male. "We have to get out of here!"

    "I'm trying!" The second figure said, the voice is a female. "They are too fast for us.!"

    "Aw please. Just give up already." The small flying figures taunted. "Just give us what we want, and we'll be on our way."

    "Or else you will have to deal with me." The large figure said in a deep voice.

    "Wait, I see a light." The female figure said to the figure next to her. "Maybe we'll find some help." She said as they both sped up.

    "You're not getting away from me!" The large figure shouted.



    It is noon. A Dewott with a scar on the right side of his neck and a brown furred Meowth are seen outside of a cave near a river thinking about what they should do for their day. The Dewott is practicing his fighting skills if his scalchops are ever lost or broken, while the Meowth is sitting nearby drawing on the ground. Looking at the scenery of the forest.

    "So Steven." The Meowth spoke. "Do you ever think that we are ever going to find our parents?"

    "To be honest, I really don't know." Said the otter as he stopped training. "Arceus knows where they're at, and we don't even know if they are alive."

    "Yeah. I guess you're right." The cat said as she looked to the ground sadly.

    Dew walked up to Morgan and sat next to her. "Look." He said. "Wherever they are, I'm sure that we will find them." The two shared a hug until they heard a scream.

    "HELP! SOMEBODY HELP!" Shouted a voice.

    "It seems like somebody is in trouble. We should probably help." Dew said as he ran into the forest.

    "W…wait! Wait for me!" Morgan shouted as she ran after him.

    It wasn't long until the two pokémon made it two a small clearing. There, they see a female Zorua and a male Riolu. The Riolu appears to have fainted. As for the Zorua, it is a shiny and looked pretty beaten. It is holding it's own well against a Honchkrow and two Murkrow next to it.

    "Hey!" Said Dew with Morgan hiding behind him. "What the hell you think you're doing!?"

    The Honchkrow and Murkrow, all appearing to be male turned around to see where the voice came from and see toe two pokémon. "Well lookie here boy's." The Big Boss pokémon said with a smile on his face. "It looks like we have more guests to our little party."

    "W…what did they do?" Asked Morgan almost quietly. "What did they do to deserve this?"

    "Well, lets just say that this one has "something of value to us" that we must take." The large crow said pointing a wing at the Zorua.

    "Unless she stole whatever you're after, doesn't mean you have to go through that extremes." Said Dew.

    "I DIDN'T STEAL ANYTHING!" Yelled the Zorua who's extremely ticked off. "THEY ATTACKED US FOR NO REASON AT ALL!"

    "Steven, she appears to be telling the truth." Whispered Morgan.

    "How do you always know?" Asked her brother.

    "Enough talking!" Yelled the Honchkrow.

    "Yeah, this is getting boring. Let's fight already." The first Murkrow said.

    "Yeah, same here." Said the second one.

    "Look's like we have no other choice." Said Dew getting into his battle stance. "Ready Morgan?"

    Morgan sighed as she got into her stance. "Ready."

    "Alright! Let's get started!" Said the Honchkrow as he lunged at Dew with a Wing Attack.

    Dew was able to dodge it at the last second and slashed him with a Razor Shell across his back. While that is happening, Morgan got hit by a peck attack from the first Murkrow but she responded with a Furry Swipes attack. The second Murkrow was also using peck while fighting the Zorua, but she dodged it and hit him with a Hidden Power attack that seems to did quite a bit of damage to him.

    "You are pretty good, but you are never going to beat me." Said the Honchkrow.

    "We will see about that." Said Dew "Scald!" he shouted as he fired boiling water at the large crow.

    The Honchkrow smiled as he disappeared. "Sucker Punch!" he shouted as he hit Dew from behind knocking him 10 feet away.

    Morgan is too busy to focus on Dew as she is having a tough time against the Murkrow she's fighting. Morgan tried to hit the Murkrow with a Slash attack, but the Murkrow flew out of the way and hit her with a Wing attack. She is almost down

    "Do you really think that you are going to beat me?" The Murkrow asked in a mocking tone. "This is why men are better fighters and you, a girl are just some weak *****." He said with a small laugh.

    Morgan felt a vein pop in her head from the comment. "I think I will be the one to prove you wrong." She said with a small evil smile. She ran up to the Murkrow and slashed him down with a Slash attack as she walked towards him. The Murkrow looked at her completely terrified.

    "Now" Morgan said with her claws out in full length. "By the time I'm done with you, you will know what it feels like to be a woman." She said with her smile widening. "Fury Swipes!" Morgan shouted as a high pitched scream can be heard, scaring away a few bird pokémon in the trees.

    "Oh God." Dew said to himself shuddering. "Please tell me he didn't piss her off."

    "Hey though guy!" Taunted the Honchkrow. "You should've been cowering a long time ago!"

    "Shut up!" Dew yelled as he shot another Scald at him. The Honchkrow smiled again as he tried to go for another Sucker Punch. As soon as he hit Dew, he was able to grab the Honchkrow and burned his chest area with another Scald. As the Honchkrow staggered in pain, Dew took him out with a Revenge attack.

    "No! Boss!" Shouted the remaining Murkrow as he is taken out by the Zorua's Hidden Power attack.

    Morgan and Dew went up to the Zorua and Riolu, both ignoring the cat covered in blood.

    "Thanks for helping me." The Zorua said.

    "No problem." Both Morgan and Dew said. "Who are you anyway?" Asked Morgan. "I'm Morgan, and this is my brother Steven."

    "But you can call me Dew." Dew said.

    "My name is Mystic." The Zorua said. "And this guy over here is Jesse." She said pointing to the unconscious Riolu.

    "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I think we should help him." Said Dew pointing to the unconscious Riolu.

    "Where are we going to take him?" Asked Mystic.

    "Don't worry." Morgan said. "We can take him to our place. Right Steven."

    "Yeah, no problem." Dew said lifting the Riolu to his back.

    The group made it to Steven and Morgan's home before sunset. While Jesse is resting and the other's are eating, Dew, Morgan, and Mystic are talking about their past.

    "Wow, I can't believe that happened between you two and your trainer." Mystic said a bit saddened.

    "Yeah, not some of the best of times what we had." Morgan said while eating a fish.

    "Well, what about you Mystic? What are you and Jesse doing here anyway?" Dew asked. "And who were the Honchkrow and Murkrow?"

    "You see. What happened was." Mystic started to say before she was interrupted by some groaning. Everyone turned to see who it was, only to see Jesse getting up.

    "Jesse! You're ok!" Mystic exclaimed as she jumped on him.

    "Ow. Mystic, can you please get off me? I'm still hurting a bit." The dog pokémon said.

    "Are you two a couple or something?" Morgan asked with a mischievous smile.

    "NO! NO WE'RE NOT!" the Riolu and Zorua shouted at the same time blushing.

    "Sorry, just wondering." Morgan said backing away slowly.

    "Anyway's." Said Dew handing Jesse some food. "Weren't you going to tell us why you two were being attacked earlier?"

    "Alright, we'll." Mystic said.

    "You see, we were heading to the Ninetales guild to form an exploration team." Jesse said as he's eating.

    "An exploration team?" Morgan said interested.

    "Yes, mostly because we are trying to find out what this is?" Mystic said while reaching into her bag. Inside is a white sphere like object with odd black markings, It also appears to have some kind of chain that one can wear around their neck.

    "So is that's why you two were attacked by the Honchkrow and those Murkrow?" Dew asked

    "That's one of the reasons." Mystic said.

    "What's the other reason?" Asked Morgan

    "Those three pokémon we fought earlier are brothers who always picked on me when we were younger. I don't know if that thing has some sort of value to it, but I would like to join the guild so I can get away from them." Mystic said sadly.

    "Well, it's a good thing we showed up while we did." Replied Dew

    "Yeah, and we would like to thank you for that." Jesse said as he's done eating

    "How did you two meet each other anyway?" asked Morgan

    "Well… This is what happened." Mystic said

    "Where I'm from, I was always picked on. One reason is because I'm a shiny pokémon and another is because of this." Mystic jumped into the air and turned herself into Dew.

    "Wow!" Morgan said quite stunned.

    "Hey, my head is not that big! Is it?" said Dew

    "Sorry about that." Mystic said as she returned to normal.

    "You see." Said Jesse "Since Mystic is a Zorua, she is able to change her form into almost any pokémon she meets."

    "And because my species can do that." Mystic continued "I was often a target of bullying. You see, Zorua and Zoroark are very rare from where I'm from. I hardyl like to use my illusion ability, because one pokemon does something bad to somebody, and that pokemon often blames me for it."

    "Well that's sad and all, but that didn't explain how you two met." Dew said before Morgan slapped him in the back of the head.

    "It kinda does." Jesse said

    "I was being chased by a group of pokémon, three of them you already fought." Mystic continued. "I was able to escape, and that's when I found Jesse. Apparently he lost a lot of his memory, but could only remember his name. He was able to protect me from a few of the pokémon until."


    "Come on!" Said Jesse "We have to get out of here!"

    "I'm trying!" Said Mystic. "They are too fast for us.!"

    "Aw please. Just give up already." A Murkrow taunted. "Just give us what we want, and we'll be on our way."

    "Or else you will have to deal with me." The Honchkrow said.

    "Wait, I see a light." Mystic said to Jesse. "Maybe we'll find some help." She said as they both sped up.

    "You're not getting away from me!" The Honchkrow shouted as he got ready to attack.


    "HELP! SOMEBODY HELP!" Mystic shouted as Jesse laid on the ground unconscious.

    *End Flashback*

    "How about you join us?" Jesse asked? "You two seem pretty strong, and we could need more people…even though we didn't join the guild yet?"

    "I-I don't know?" Morgan said as she played with the coin on her head. "What do you think Steven?"

    Dew sat there thinking for a minute. "I think we should. We don't have anything else to do."

    Jesse smiled as Mystic jumped for joy. "OH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!"Mystic exclaimed quickly and happily.

    "Don't worry about it. We will be glad to help." Morgan replied

    "Yeah, it's getting late though; you can sleep here with us for the night." Dew offered.

    "Ok." Said Jesse. "We will leave tomorrow morning.

    So, what do you guys think. This was originally posted on Fanfiction, but I felt that more people should see it. It's originally called PMD Ivory Explorers of Truth, but I decided to change it, I know this chapter probably isn't the best, but it gets better in future chapters. But anyway, here are the characters.




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    Chapter 2: Welcome to the guild.
    It is morning, and Morgan is to first to wake up in her group. She looked around and to see that Mystic is missing. She went over to Dew to wake him up.

    "Steven, Steven wake up." Morgan said shaking her brother awake.

    "Ugh…What is it?" Dew yawned as he rolled over to face Morgan. His expression went from tired to shock. It was the same with Morgan's expression.

    "OH MY ARCEUS! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?" The two pokémon yelled out at the same time. The sudden outburst just woke up Jesse who had strange drawings across his face.

    "Jesse saw the two pokémon and just sighed. "Mystic! I know it's you!" He yelled out as the Zorua came into the cave's entrance with some food laughing.

    "I'm sorry." Mystic said still laughing tossing the gang a few apples. "I just couldn't resist."

    "Whatever." Dew sighed as he took a bite out of the apple.

    "Yeah, we are supposed to leave soon right?" Asked Morgan while she's eating

    "That's right!" Exclaimed Jesse "We are supposed to leave to the guild soon."

    "But we should probably clean up first before we go." Suggested Dew as he gave a slight glare towards Mystic who is still laughing

    "Ok." Said Morgan as she finished her apple

    It wasn't long until the group finished eating and got cleaned up. They stood by the river discussing their next destination.

    "Ok." Dew said. "Since you two know where the guild is located, where should we go next?"

    "Well, we are near the Daiken River here." Jesse said as he pulled out a map and pointed to the location.

    "Why does that name sound familiar?" Thought Morgan and Dew

    "The guild should be northwest of here. That would at least take us twenty minutes." Jesse finished as he put the map away.

    "Wow, we're that close?" Asked Morgan

    "It seems like it." Jesse replied

    "Then what are you waiting for? Let's go!" Mystic yelled as she ran off and the others followed.

    It didn't take the group long to get to the guild. Everyone was surprised at what they say. It is a large building that is shaped like a Ninetales; each tail is sticking out into the air appearing to be a bunch of smaller buildings. There were also a bunch of trees surrounding the guild.

    "Wow, so this is it." Dew said quite stunned by the size.

    "Yeah, I can't believe we are actually there." Said Mystic

    The group was about to head for the guild until they heard something from the trees.

    "What was that?" asked Morgan as she's startled a bit

    "It's probably nothing." Dew said trying to comfort her.

    "No." Jesse spoke nervously. "He's behind us!"

    The group turned around and saw a green reptilian lizard jump into the air and lunged at them. It has scars all over his body and has leaf like extensions on its arms.

    "Leaf Blade!" The Grovyle shouted as his leaf arms glowed green. He tried to slash at everyone, but everyone is able to move out of the way.

    "What the, why are you attacking us!?" Jesse yelled

    The Grovyle said nothing as his leaves glowed a blackish purple and he charged at the group again.

    "That's Night Slash, be careful!" Morgan said as the Grovyle tried to slash at her. Dew got in the way and blocked it with Razor Shell as Mystic and Jesse used Shadow Ball and Aura Sphere to knock the Grovyle to a nearby tree.

    "Urg…Really, a 4 on 1 fight, that isn't quite fair." The Grovyle growled.

    "This would've happened if you didn't attack us!" Yelled Dew.

    "Hey I'm just doing my job here." Said the Grovyle as he got into his battle stance.

    Morgan stepped forward and got into her stance. "Ok, I'm ready."

    "Are you sure about this?" Asked Dew

    "Yeah, I'll be fine." Morgan said

    "You may not be the one I want to fight, but I'll guess it'll do." Said the Grovyle

    "So, are you done talking here, or do you want to get this over with?" Morgan said with some annoyance.

    "Fine then, Strength!" The Grovyle shouted as he dug into the ground and started throwing large rocks at the Meowth.

    "Detect!" Morgan yelled out as she was able to dodge every boulder with ease.

    "Ok, that's impressive." The Grovyle said as he started to charge toward Morgan "Leaf Blade!"

    "Quick Attack!" Morgan shouted as he lunged at the Grovyle at a really quick speed. But before the two pokémon could even make contact a large flame line of fire separated the two.

    Everyone turned around and saw a Charmeleon who walked up to the group. Dew, Jesse, and Mystic got into their battle stance until he began to speak.

    "Grant? What the hell you think you're doing!?" Asked the Charmeleon angrily "We are supposed to do sanctuary duty, not attack whoever comes here!"

    "Sorry, it's just that we haven't got a mission in days that I needed to fight." Said the Grovyle now known as Grant

    "Look, you know if the Guildmaster finds this out, we would be in for some serious trouble." the Charmeleon said

    "Actually I already know." Said a feminine voice

    Everyone turned around at the entrance and saw a white fox like creature. She has eyes that are red as rubies and nine brown tipped tails.

    "Guildmaster!" the two pokémon yelled at in shock as they know how much trouble they will be in.

    "Grant! Alistar!" The Ninetales barked. "I know that you are not attacking people for no reason. Should you be on sanctuary duty?"

    "Uh, well you see." Alistar the Charmeleon said nervously

    "Enough! I will, only give you two a warning. The next time this happens, there will be severe punishment." The Ninetales said with a glare.

    "Yes ma'am." The two pokémon said as they went back two there post.

    "And you four." The Ninetales said turning her attention to the four pokémon who are now nervous. "I have been expecting you."

    "How do you know we're coming?" Asked Jesse

    "Ninetales have many psychic abilities." She said "I for starters can see into the future along with my assistant for who will you meet. Sorry for not introducing myself, you may call me Flame."

    "I am Steven, but you can call me Dew, and this is my sister Morgan, Jesse, and Mystic." Dew said as he introduced everyone as they waved to Flame.

    "Judging from that battle, you are quite good. I take it that you want to join the guild right?"

    "Yes." The four pokémon answered

    "Ok then. All of you follow me." Said Flame as she led them into the guild

    As the Flame walked them into the guild, the group was surprised about how big the guild is. There are several rooms, each with various pokémon inside talking and conversing. The main room they are in is the largest. It appears to be an area for a meeting place and a stage of some sort. There is also two large boards that are on a wall, both have sheets of paper posted on them, bit the one on the right seems to have pictures of other pokémon. There appears to be a stand for something, yet nobody is occupying it.

    "This is our main building." Flame said "This is where missions are posted. The bulletin board on the right is for rescue missions, while the board on the left is for catching outlaws."

    "Outlaws?" Morgan asked nervously.

    "Don't worry about that, I'll explain later." Flame said

    "You've seen the towers outside the right?"

    "Uh yeah, what are they?" Jesse asked

    "There are nine different rooms in this guild." Flame starts to explain. "The room on the far left are the girls bedrooms, the room to the right of that is the library, next to that is the cafeteria, next to that are the restrooms, the room in the center is my room, and office, next to that is the basement, that is unauthorized until further notice." Flame said with a stern tone. "Over there is the courtyard where you have a dojo that holds weekly tournaments to improve training, next to that room is another bathroom, and on the far right are the male bedrooms." Flame said as she finished explaining.

    "Wow, that's quite a lot." Mystic commented.

    "We try to get the best for our recruits." Flame said "Now, will you follow me." Flame said as they walked into the room in the middle.

    "Ok, are you sure, that you want to join?" Flame asked "I must warn you, are training is strict and many people who joined did quit."

    The four pokémon looked at each other nervously. All of them have their goals in mind, and none of them want to back down now.

    "We'll do it." Said the four pokémon

    "Great." Said Flame as she smiled "My assistant should be here any minute with the things you need."

    A few moment's later, a Xatu walked in using Psychic to carry a large box.

    "Hello there." Spoke the Xatu as she set the box down "My name is Star. I see that you are the new recruits right.?"

    "Yes we are." Answered Dew.

    "Good then." Said Star "This box is for you, it has all the things you need for missions that you will partake in."

    "Go ahead and open it." Flame instructed.

    The four pokémon opened the box. Inside are two small bags, with a few berries, there are also some items that appear to be sticks that are sharp are needles, and a few scarves. One is a navy blue, one is a yellow, another is a white bow tie, and the other one is a pale green, there are also 4 orbs, and 4 seeds (two dark red and two white), a map that is larger than the one Jesse and Mystic has. Finally, there are 4 shiny objects that appear to be badges. Each of them is shaped like a flame with a green core.

    "This is your equippment." Flame said "As you see here, these are your new bags from the guild. You have some berries, two of each status condition, sticks that are used for attacking in long distances, a two blast seeds, please be careful when you eat them because they will burn the person in front of you. You also have two heal seeds that are used for healing status conditions, a cobalt bow, a white bow, both are used in raising your strength (stats are known as strength unless its individual stats such a s speed or attack), a defense scarf to boost your defence, and a joy scarf that helps you gain experience." Flame said

    "Then what about these?" Morgan asked pointing to the badges and the map

    "This here is a wonder map." Said Flame as she held it up "Unlike any other map, whatever location you go to, the area will be automataccly revealed. And the badges are identification that states that you are part of an exploration team of my guild. Whenever you are done with a mission, you press this button in the center and you are taken back to the entrance of the mystery dungeon."

    "Mystery Dungeon?" Dew asked

    "A mystery dungeon is a area in which it becomes a labyrinth." Said Mystic

    "Thats right." Said Star "No matter how many times you go there, the area apparently changes for some odd reason."

    "Ok, I think we've explained enough." Finished Flame as she got up.

    "Get your gear and state your team name and leader." Star instructed.

    Jesse grabbed one bag and the took the defence scarf, Morgan took the joy scarf, mystic took the white bow, while Dew took the second bag and took the cobalt bow.

    "Ok." said Mystic "Since Dew and Morgan helped us, I say that Dew should be the leader."

    "Are you ok with that?" Morgan asked

    "Yeah, I have no problem with that."

    "Ok then, you have your leader." Flame said "Now what will you team be called

    Dew thought for a second until he came up with an idea. "How about team Ivory"

    "Ivory?" Everyone asked

    "Yeah, it kinda makes us stand out more don't you think?" Dew questioned.

    "is everyone okay with that?" Flame said

    "Yeah, no problem." the others spoke.

    "Ok from now on, you will be known as Team Ivory. Congratulations." Flame said with a smile.
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    Chapter 3: First Mission
    "Ok Team Ivory. Since you two are an official exploration team, you will now have your first mission."

    "What should we do?" Jesse asked

    "I hope it isn't anything too hard." Thought Morgan

    "Your first Mission is to find a missing pokémon." Flame said

    "Ok, we shouldn't have a problem with that." Dew commented

    "Do you want me to bring her in?" Asked Star

    "Yes. Go ahead." Said Flame

    Star left the room for a few moments and brung in another pokémon with her. It is a Glaceon. She has a worried look on her face, she doesn't look like any normal Glaceon. Most Glaceon's have parts of their fur that is a dark blue, but this one, has shades of a light blue. She is a close as you can get to a shiny pokémon.

    "Hello there." The ice fox spoke solemnly "I am Niveus."

    "Hello Niveus, we are Team Ivory. You may call me Dew." The replied the water type as he introduced himself.

    "I'm Morgan." The scratch cat said shyly

    "Hello there, I'm Mystic." The dark type spoke happily

    "And I'm Jesse." Said the fighting type

    "Ok, our first mission is to find a missing pokémon…"Dew spoke before he's interrupted

    "So who's missing?" Asked Mystic.

    "The missing pokémon is a friend of mine." Niveus said "He is a Leafeon named Folium."

    "So what happened?" Asked Jesse

    "Folium and I lived in a village nearby, we've known each other ever since." Explained Niveus "About a few weeks ago, our village was attacked. Many have escaped, while others didn't make it. Folium and I went left together to join the guild, and that's when we have more problems." Niveus said.

    "Wow, I'm sorry to hear that." Said Morgan knowing how she must've felt

    "It's fine." Niveus spoke

    "So what happened next?" Asked Dew

    "We were on our way to the guild." Replied Niveus "Not too far from here is an area known as Thunderstone cave. A lot of rock and electric types stay there. We were attacked by a few of the pokémon that stayed there, and one of the pokémon that attacked us has caused a rock slide that had separated us. I'm sure that Folium is hurt badly because he knows the move dig and could easily escape. But he wasn't able to return, I am really worried about him." Finished Niveus as tears starts to fill her eyes

    "Don't worry, we'll find him." Mystic said trying to comfort the Glaceon

    "Where is Thunderstone cave anyway? Morgan asked

    "Thunderstone cave is just east of the guild and like what Niveus said, its not too far from here." Stated Flame

    "Since there has been dangerous activity there recently, and since Niveus knows the whereabouts of Folium, you will be a five man group." Explained Star

    "Ok everybody, is everyone ready?" Dew asked

    "Ready!" The rest of the team replied

    "Alright, let's go!" Said Dew as he and his team ran out of Flame's office

    *Outside the guild*

    "So, Thunderstone cave is just east of here right Niveus?" asked Jesse as he's looking at the map.

    "Yes." Niveus replied "If we hurry, we will be able to make it there in at least five minutes."

    "Then what are you waiting for? Let's hurry!" Exclaimed Mystic as she is the first one to run off

    It wasn't long until Team Ivory and Niveus have arrived at a mountain range. The group made it outside a large cave with shards of green crystal. The sunlight makes the cave look a lot brighter. So bright, that it looked like someone have lights on inside.

    "Wow." Spoke Morgan in awe "So this is Thunderstone Cave?"

    "Yes." Replied Niveus "But you must be careful, some of these stones has electricity stored inside of them. If you're not careful, you WILL get electrocuted." Said Niveus as she looked at Dew

    "Well that's good to know." Thought Dew now knowing that he has to be extra careful due to being a water type

    "Ok, do you know where is the last place you've seen Folium?" Jesse asked

    "Yes, please follow me." Said Niveus as she ran into the cave

    "We should go too. Spoke Mystic as she and the others ran after Niveus.

    As team Ivory caught up with her, they were surprised about what they saw inside the cave. The cave is nothing but stones that are green as emeralds with a small shade of blue, filled with thunderstones stuck in the walls, like Niveus said, there are some parts of the cave that discharge electricity as it moved across the cave like lightning, and there is something odd about this cave; there is nobody there.

    "This is strange." Dew said looking around cautiously

    "Where is everybody?" Morgan asked looking just as cautious

    "I don't know. But we are almost where I've last seen Folium." Stated Niveus who is also looking around.

    "Jesse, could you use your aura to find anyone?" Asked Mystic

    "I'm on it." Replied Jesse as he used his aura to check the surrounding area

    "Found anything." Asked Dew

    "I can sense an aura, but it's really faint." Said Jesse as he walked toward a wall

    "Aura Sphere!" Shouted Jesse as he fired a blue ball of energy that formed in his hands. The wall collapsed revealing a secret entrance.

    "Nice job Jesse." Morgan said with a smile.

    "Now we can find Folium." Remarked Niveus

    As soon the group walked into the passage, it became a bit darker. The path they took is a straight and narrrow path.

    "Jesse, how close are we?" Asked Dew

    "We are almost there. But the faint aura I've sensed..." replied Jesse before he stopped

    "What is it? Asked Niveus with a worried tone

    "The faint aura is Folium, and there are four other pokemon that I can't identify."

    "What!?" Shouted everyone

    "Come on, we got to go help him!" Elclaimed Niveus as the group ran.

    The group made it to a large room where electricity is discharged all over the walls. There on the ground is a green fox with parts of his body resembling leaves laying on the ground unconcious. Above him, are four pokemon, each resembling electric eels. There are two small eels, and a larger one as they floated above the ground. The largest one walked on two feet.

    "Folium!" Shouted Niveus as she ran towards him, but was stopped by a thunderbolt from one of the eel pokemon.

    "Who are you? And why do you trespass in our territory?" The large eel questioned revealing to be an eelectross

    "We are Team Ivory." Said Dew "What did you do to him!?"

    The Eelectross looked at Niveus and smiled. "You see, when people trespass, I get angry, and when I get angry, bad things happen, and since you five are in my territory, you are next on my list.

    "I'm sorry, but we are on nobody's list today." Said Mystic as she got into her battle stance.

    "We came here to save Folium, and we are here to complete this mission." Dew said as he took out his scalchops "Ready?"

    "Ready." Everyone said as they got into position.

    Morgan is constantly avoiding one of the Eelektric's attacks as he tried to hit her with a thunderbolt. Jesse helped her with as he hit the electric type with a Force Palm. Morgan then used Fury Swipes to take it out. Niveus and Mystic were battling the second Eelectric as it fired a Spark at the two. Both were hit but wern't badly hurt. Mystic attacked with a Dark Pulse, and Niveus took it out with an Ice Beam. Dew on the other hand is having trouble battling the Eelectross. Not only because of the type disadvantage, but also because the Eelectross paralzed him with a thunder wave slowing him down.

    "Ok, you are really good I admit that." The Eel ocmplimented "But you are not going to make it out of here alive!"

    "We'll see about that." Grunted Dew who is feeling the effects of the paralysis "Niveus, Mystic take Folium somplace safe!"

    "Ok, I'm on it." Replied Niveus as she and Mystic carried Folium away from the scene of battle

    "I have enough of this!" Shouted the Eeelectross in frustration "Thunder!"

    A large amount of electricity is fired as it went towards the group. Dew used his schalchops to deflect it, but he took some serious damage. Dew collapsed fell on one knee as he felt the electricty still traveling through his body.

    "Steven no!" shouted Morgan as she went to her brother's aid

    " Don't worry, I'm fine." Dew said weakly

    Dew got up and went to the Eelectross. He felt an aura surround his body and unleashed his next attack.

    "Revenge!" The otter yelled as the aura grew larger and knocked over the Eelectross

    "You...can take care of this now." Dew said before passing out.

    "Thats it!" Screamed Morgan "You wont get away with this!" As she ran to the Eelectross but was pulled back by Jesse

    "Think before you act." Jesse said trying to calm her down

    Morgan stood there and took a deep breath "Ok then, let's get this over with."

    "Enough talking! Thunder!" The electross yelled as he once again shot another bolt of electricity.

    "Detect!." Morgan yelled dodging the attack as she and Jesse pulled Dew out of the way."

    "Aura Sphere!" Jesse as a blue ball of energy het the Eel in the face taking him out.

    Mystic and Niveus saw what had happened returned to where the battle just ended.

    "Quick, give them the Reviver seeds!" Morgan yelled as Jesse and Mystic fed them to Folium and Dew

    Folium is the first to wake up shortly before Dew as he saw Niveus

    "Niveus?" Folium spoke almost weakly as the seeds didn't take full effect yet.

    "Don't worry. I was able to get some help. It's these four that you got to thank" Niveus replied pointing to team Ivory.

    "Thank you for saving me there. You have my deepest gratitude." Folium said with a smile

    "Now that's over." Said Mystic happily while Morgan and Jesse tried to hold Dew up "Lets return to the guild

    "Our first mission is accomplished." Said Dew as Mystic pressed the button on the badge returning them to the guild.
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    So, what do you think?
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    Its kind of good. But I dont read much of PMD fics. But yeah its wonderful...
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    I think it's great, I didn't know you wrote fics, what a coincidence! But anyway, please add me to the PM List if there is one.
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    Awesome! I like it, and it may even be good enough to become a book! XD

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    Sorry it's long, but more will be up soon
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