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Thread: Zelda Twilight Princess Gamecube Version - Audio Distortion

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    Default Zelda Twilight Princess Gamecube Version - Audio Distortion

    Okay after 6 or so years I decided to play Zelda Twilight Princess on the Gamecube again. Everything was going well except in some parts I have noticed the Audio Distorts which sounds like a compressed Audio bad? Like when an enemy appears or in Hyrule field and especially when during the Opening Sequence before you press start. (with the music and so forth)

    I doubled check to see if the cable was plugged in correctly, yes it was. I tried other gamecube games but they had no Audio Distortion either which is good. So im guessing its a Zelda audio problem.

    Did anyone have experience like this before? Keep in mind this is for the Gamecube version of the game NOT the wii version.

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    There is already a Zelda games discussion, go post there :]

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