Hello there. As the name implies, Water Type's are my favorite kinds of Pokemon. I like many other types though. I started playing many years ago (I started with Generation 3).

When I beat the main story in Pokemon Games, I usually start breeding immediately. I try to find a very good Pokemon from hatched eggs that I can EV train or that have very high IVs.

I like to trade mystery eggs and baby Pokemon (Lv.1) on the GTS and GTS Negotiations. I even have some pretty solid Pokemon (Lv. 56 Ninetails, etc. etc....) but I don't have any shinies...and I don't hack my Pokemon.

So if you want to trade sometime, just add my friendcodes at the bottom. Battling may be another thing since my main team throughout the games really aren't the best ^-^;

Also I have a few questions about the forum.

1. How do people get the really cool banners and badges in their signatures? What do they signify?

2. How do you get the badges around your forum class? Do you have to be very active?

3. Are there any groups within this forum? Like groups that battle and trade with each other??