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Thread: Garchomp/Krookodile Energy Removal

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    Default Garchomp/Krookodile Energy Removal

    Hey guys. The theme of the deck is "energy removal". Please give me advice regarding ways I can better remove energies from my opponent and if there's some fundamental mistakes I'm making.

    8 water
    12 fighting (This might be too many energies!)

    Trainers(24) ((Please help me with what trainers I should be using!)
    4 energy search
    4 N
    4 Rare Candy
    4 Poke Comm
    4 Crushing Hammer
    3 Pokemon Catcher
    1 Gold Potion

    3 gible (DE 87)
    1 gabite (DE 89)
    3 garchomp (DE)

    3 sandile (BW)
    1 krokorok (BW 64)
    3 krookodile (EP 62)

    2 Cryogonal (NV)

    Deck's Strategy:
    Garchomp is kinda the basis of the deck I guess. Use Krookodile if necessary, he's just the only energy removing fighting type I found. Cryogonal is nice because I can return the water energies to my hand once garchomp has been setup.

    So my big concerns are:
    is 3-1-3 standard? Should I have something other than that?

    Are there better water/ground pokemon to remove energies with? If I choose a stage 2 water pokemon, what should I have as my fighting type?

    Are there trainer cards that I REALLY should be using that I'm not? What cards are best for retrieving from discard?

    Are there any EX pokemon that work well with garchomp?

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