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Thread: rate my future HeartGold team please?

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    Default rate my future HeartGold team please?

    Just got the old HeartGold out and started playing again. Will eventually have this team:


    tinted lens
    hypnosis, dream eater, bug buzz, shadow ball

    Yanmega is able to learn my favourite combo, Hypnosis and Dream Eater. I like the bug element too and the high sp. attack makes the (recovering) Dream Eater an unbelievable move! Combined with leftovers, this Yanmega is all recovering and powerful... Swapped Guardevoir out for Yanmega.


    flash fire
    dark pulse, toxic, fire blast, flamethrower

    I like Houndoom. He gets STAB for 3 of his 4 moves and with his high sp. attack he is sheer brute force... Was a choice between fire blast, flamethrower and heatwave but i chose the first 2 for overall power and PP... Was either Houndoom or Typhlosion...


    rock head
    thick club
    earthquake, bonemerang, double edge, stone edge

    Marowak with thick club is savage. Combined with Earthquake it is lethal! The Rock Head ability lets me use Double Edge without worrying and, like i said, with Thick Club its physical attacks are unreal! total physical power!


    heat rock
    solar beam, sunny day, synthesis, leaf blade

    Iv always been a fan of Sunny Day and Solar Beam (as i have Rainy Day and Thunder). Victreebel is the best pokemon i could think of that learnt both and coupled with the Heat Rock it lasts longer. If i get into trouble, Synthesis will be improved by the Sunny Day too. Leaf Blade is in there just for an all out powerful, physical move.


    Dragon Fang
    fly, dragon claw, draco meteor, Roost

    Iv always like Flygon since he was my first (and only) shiny Pokemon iv found. Fly is convenient and a move type im missing so far so Flygon really is my flying Pokemon. I also like that he is a Dragon type so could really be handy with Dragon type moves.


    natural cure
    mystic water
    hydro pump, thunderbolt, surf, ice beam

    My savior! Starmie is in my team because i needed Ice, Water and Electric moves. I used to have Lanturn in my team and he done really well but iv now changed to Starmie for the extra power. Did try and accomodate Recovder into his moveset but it just wouldnt fit... I would have to get rid of either Hydro Pump or Surf and i dont know if i can...

    Views and opinions please!!

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    Earthquake over one of Flygon's moves.

    Considering you have potions for in-game, Sludge Bomb over Synthesis on Victreebel.

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    i would say air slash on yanmega over dream eater, and then eq over fly on flygon, as youll get STAB on both attacks. I would say swap fire blast on houndoom for thunder fang or nasty plot if you're going Sp.Atk and leaf storm over Solar beam if you really want two grass type attacks on victreebel, though i wouldn't recommend it.
    Victreebel @ Salac Berry
    Adamant or Jolly
    252 Sp.Atk 252 speed, 4hp
    Leaf Blade
    Swords Dance
    Wring Out/Gastro Acid/Worry Seed/Filler
    Decent coverage, can hit everything except steel/dragon for atleast regular damage. And after a SD, you'll be good to go.

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