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Thread: Help me with ost Pokemon Battle Frontier :(

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    Default Help me with ost Pokemon Battle Frontier :(

    Hello to the community!*
    I hope you can help me, since watching an episode of Pokémon, a part appears true soundtrack which I would have, but since I'm not sure, I would like to help me. The song appears on:*

    Season: Ninth Battle Frontier Season
    Japan ゴンベ の デビュー 戦! ハーリー と 真剣 勝負!*
    Transcription in romaji: Gonbe Debyū no Ikusa! Hari to Shinken Shoubu!*
    U.S.: Harley Rides Again*

    Still, to be more specific, appear in this chapter:

    In minute 14:42 seconds. Song appears in the background of the battle between Harley and May.*

    I hope you can help me, it would be helpful. From already thank you very much to anyone who can help me. : 3
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    Music questions (among other things) can be posted here:*

    I have to remove the link to the episode, but I checked and it's dub music playing in the scene you specified. Dub-only tracks usually don't have specific names (as far as I know) and are not released to the public, so there's no way to get them on CD or anything.

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