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    I hope writing this kind of Pokemon story won't get me into trouble. Anyway, I am writing another one of my own Pokemon stories. This one is called Pokemon: Experimentations. To warn you, unlike my own Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series which is more comedic and has some blood in it, this one is more dramatic, scarier and has lots of blood in it. (Although it's not like you're going to see it). Just like my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, Pokemon: Experementations will also be a trilogy. I thought I would share this with you. The sequel, Pokémon Experimentation 2 can be read here: The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon story can be read here: MEAN COMMENTS PLEASE.

    Plot- The Moon City Corporation have been doing experiments. They are using a type of illegal parasitic drugs on Pokemon. What this does is make them bigger, angrier and more violent. A pokemon who gets hurt by one will also be infected with this. This parasite has no effect on humans. There is also a vaccine for this. With samples of the vaccine, a group of Rescue team members and their partner pokemon travel to an island off the coast of Moon City, where they say their secret underground laboratory is. To get there, they have to go in the big twenty floor skyscraper on top of it.


    Nat Summers- One of the two main protagonist. He is seventeen years old. His partner pokemon is Emboar. He has been knowing his Emboar since Nat was a baby and a Tepig. He deeply cares about him.

    Maria Blossom- The other main protagonist. She is sixteen years old. Her partner Pokemon is Samurott. Also cares and knew Samurott when she was a baby and an Oshawott.

    Kevin Richards- He is eighteen years old. His partner pokemon is Electivire. Nobody knows his past or where he came from. Only thing they know is that he appeared out of nowhere and became a member of the Rescue Team.

    Aaron Caverns- He is also seventeen just like Nat Summers. His partner pokemon is Rampardos. He and his pokemon mysteriously disappear in the beginning of the story.

    Sarah Willard- She is fifteen years old. Her partner pokemon is Weezing. A girl who came to the island to investigate the parasitic activities.

    Some of you might be mad that there is no trainer with a Serperior. One of the main characters of the second series will have one. (I have the whole story and series in my head)


    A helicopter carrying Rescue Team Members: Nat Summers, Maria Blossom, Aaron Caverns, Kevin Richards and their partner pokemon: Emboar, Samurott, Electrivire and Rampardos arrives at an island off the coast of Moon City. When they get off onto the island, they find a Noctowl and a Primeape infected with the parasite.

    “Rampardos, use smack down!” shouted Aaron. Rampardos used smack down on the Noctowl and the Moctowl got knocked out. Primeape used karate chop. “Dodge the attack, Rampardos!” shouted Aaron. Rampardos avoided the attack.

    “Emboar, use flamethrower!” shouted Nat. Emboar used flamethrower on Primeape an it fainted. Nat used a vaccine on the two pokemon. The pilot, Phil leaves with the helicopter. “No, Stop! PHIL, DON’T LEAVE US!” yelled Nat, but it was too late. The remaining team mates and their pokémon escape into a twenty story building where they thought was safe. For now...

    Chapter 1: The Nightmare Begins

    "I don't know what's going on," said Maria a little scared.

    "Me neither. But this is the only safe place we can be in right now," said Nat.

    "You two go on ahead with your pokemon," said Kevin. "Aaron , our pokemon and I will stay and wait for you guys."

    "Alright," said Nat and pointed at the door across the hall. "Come on Emboar, let's go."

    "Take care you four," said Aaron. He smiled.

    "Let’s go Samurott," said Maria. She didn’t sound too scared now. They went to the far left door in the main entrance area and opened it. They went in. Everything was quiet, except for the sound of a ticking clock.

    "There's nothing here," said Nat looking cautiously. "But there is another door across the hall,"

    "Let's go then," said Maria. Nat opened the door and they went in. They hear a noise across the hall. The noise of a pokemon.

    "Stay back Maria. I'm going to check it out," whispered Nat. He and his Emboar walked quietly at the end of the hall to check what's going on. It was a big Sandslash. A few seconds later, it noticed them. "Emboar use mach punch on it!" shouted Nat. Emboar uses mach punch so hard, he knocked Sandslash out. Nat used the cure to remove the parasite on it.

    "Well that was too easy," said Maria and laughed.

    "I wonder what was a Sandslash doing in a place like this?" Nat asked. "Anyways, I want to know why are The Moon City Corperation doing this?"

    "It's very wrong," said Maria. "I can't believe they would do such a thing."

    "Yeah I can't believe it either," said Nat. He had a sad face. "Let’s go back to Aaron and Kevin. There's nothing else here. The rest of the doors here are locked from the other side." When they go back to the main entrance hall, they find Aaron and Kevin gone.

    "Aaron? Kevin?" asked Nat. No answer.

    "What you think happened to them?" asked Maria.

    "I don't know. It's like they just vanished. Let’s go check what's behind that door," said Nat pointing at the door across the other side of the hall. They go through the door.

    "Oh my gosh!" cried Maria. "It's blood!"

    "Yeah and lots of it too," shouted Nat. "I have a really bad feeling about this!" They go through the other door on the other side. They are back outside.

    "OH NO! IT'S A DEAD BODY!" yelled Maria.

    "You're right it is!" shouted Nat. He examines the body. "It looks like he has been scratched badly to death. By a pokemon.

    "What. But... that can't be... this doesn't make sense. Can this parasite make pokemon strong enough to kill?" asked Maria suspiciously.

    "By the look of this, I think they are," said Nat sadly.

    "What... is going on around here?" asked Maria.

    End of Chapter 1. By the way, please don't judge what pokemon is fighting the other and the moves that they use. To be honest I really don't know what ACTUAL moves most pokemon uses. I know some. And yes, some of you might find the chapters short too.
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