Chapter 12: The Long Way Up

Nat, Maria, Sarah and their partner pokemon stepped out of the elevator and into the fourth floor of the skyscraper.

“Okay, we have to go all the way up to the twentieth floor from here,” said Nat.

“It will be a long way up,” said Maria.

“I know, right?’ asked Sarah. They walked to the middle of the room they were in.

“See if there is anything useful here,” Nat told the others.

“Look there is chip here, along with another letter,” said Maria. Maria took the chip and read the letter. It read:

Dear Mike,

“This is one of three chips you need to unlock the elevator that leads to the experiment room in the underground laboratory. One of the other chips is on the twentieth floor of this skyscraper, in the same room where the other keycard is. The last one is in the underground laboratory. Once you have all three of them go to the engine room. But be careful, there are lots of electric and psychic pokemon infected with the A-59 parasite down in the underground laboratory. When in the engine room, go all the way to the other side of the room and place the three chips. Then go to the elevator to the experiment room. Good luck!”


Peter Stevenson.

“Nice work, Maria,” said Nat and gave her a thumbs up.

“Thanks,” said Maria.

“Okay, let’s go to that other door at the other side of this room,” Sarah said.

“Okay,” said Nat. The all went to the other door and Nat opened it. They went in to a new, dark room. Two Gengars appeared out of nowhere and one of them tired to use lick on Emboar, but missed.

“My Emboar isn’t going to get infected again!” shouted Nat. “Use flamethrower!” he told his Emboar. Emboar used flamethrower on the Gengar. Gengar covered his face from the burn.

“Samurott, use water pulse!” shouted Maria. Samurott used water pulse on the other Gengar. The Gengar fainted. Nat tired to use the C-30 on the Gengars, but couldn’t.

“Darn it, they’re ghost types, I don’t understand how they got infected. Emboar use odor sleuth, so that I can use the vaccine on them,” Nat told his Emboar. Emboar used odor sleuth on the Gengars. Nat then used the C-30 vaccine on the Gengars. “Alright, let’s keep going,” Nat said. They walked to another door and Nat opened it. The six of them ended up at a room with a huge box. “That box is blocking our path. Emboar, use strength and push that huge box. Emboar used strength on the huge box and pushed it. He kept pushing the box, until there was a door on the left wall.

“Okay, let’s go in,” said Maria. Maria opened the door and they all went in the new room.

“Look, another letter,” said Sarah, picked up the note and read it. It read:

Dear Sandra,

“What is the number that when you multiply 500x500, you get 250,000 and then times that by five? That is the pass code to open the door you see on the far right of this room. Good luck solving the problem.”


Jason Marks.

“Okay, let’s solve the math problem,” said Nat.

“So 500x500 equals 250,000, then multiply that by five,” said Sarah.

“The answer is 1,250,000,” said Sarah.

“Thanks, Sarah,” said Nat. Nat went to the pass code input that was next to the door and typed in 1,250,000 on it. They door opened. “Okay, let’s go in,” Nat said. They went into a new room. Three Persians came towards them.

“Oh, snap,” said Maria.

“Weezing, use sludge bomb!” shouted Sarah. Weezing used sludge bomb on one of the Persians. The Persian got poisoned and couldn’t move.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” yelled Nat as one of the other Persians jumped on him.

“Oh, no, Nat!” cried Maria. The Persian was about to scratch Nat when his Emboar mach punched it in the face. The Persian got knocked out and started bleeding from his face.

“Thanks, even though I didn’t tell you to do that,” said Nat and got up.

“Samurott, use razor shell!” Maria told her Samurott. Samurott used razor shell and cut the last Persian’s cheek by a little. The Persian touched his face in pain and started bleeding.

“Wow, one little scratch and the Persian can’t attack,” said Nat. “You two know what to do.”

“Right,” said both Maria and Sarah. They mixed the large health pack, the antidote and the C-30 vaccine and used it on the Persians.

“Okay, let’s keep going,” said Maria. They went to another door and Nat opened it. They ended up at new stairs that went up to the fifth floor.

“Ready to go up?” asked Nat.

“Yes,” said both Maria and Sarah. They went upstairs to a huge rectangular room. Then, ten Pidgeottos flew towards them.

“Oh great, this is too much,” said Nat. End of chapter 12.